New board-id found in Sierra…

In February I blogged about three new board-id’s that I had found in a macOS Sierra Beta. Two of them were later removed in macOS Sierra 10.12.4 Build 16e175b but I forgot to mention a fourth board-id:


I found this board-id long before the other three, but you’ll have to wait for Apple to release a new Mac and/or update macOS Sierra because there is little to none to say about it.

Note: The soon to arrive macOS Sierra 10.12.5 Beta may include more details.

3 thoughts on “New board-id found in Sierra…

  1. Hey
    So I keep finding myself reading your blog posts about new discoveries in macOS and it occurred to me that these things are probably fairly mechanistic to discover, so why not automate it.

    I quickly hacked together with the obvious data sources I could think of (board IDs, GPU PCI IDs, list of kexts) and wondered a) if you have suggestions for other data sources, b) any interest in contributing 🙂

    Thanks for your blog!

    • Try using grep to search everywhere?

      sudo grep -E “Mac-[0-9A-F]{16}” -R -a -b -o /Library/Extensions /System/Library

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