Mac mini 2018

Q: are RAM modules replacable?
A: yes.

Q: is the SSD replacable?
A: yes.

Q: is the WiFi/Bluetooth module replacable?
A: yes.

Q: is the processor replacable?
A: yes.

Update: it appears that we have two different logicboards. Mine (internal one) includes sockets for RAM, CPU, SSD and WiFi/Bluetooth modules but end-user hardware not!

P.s. I will no longer be able to comment on the matter (I am a software engineer. Not a hardware engineer).


20 thoughts on “Mac mini 2018

  1. Welcome back Pike! Seeing the notice of a new post was the highlight of my morning.

    Thanks for sharing this great information. This makes me believe that someone at Apple is listening and maybe the new Pro will be user upgradable as well.

  2. > Mine (internal one) includes sockets for RAM, CPU, SSD and WiFi/Bluetooth modules but end-user hardware not!

    It sounds bad – they realizing how bad is to do non-upgradable hardware but intentionally doing all these problematic board.

  3. Hey pikeralpha!!! So good to hear from you again! I hope all is well with you and thanks for the info.

    These specs allowing an upgradability path makes one hope that the release of products in the near future will be more owner friendly letting us open and service the hardware as we need. It came at a premium (no more $599 entry level model) but at least that is something! 🙂
    Not what one would have hoped, but at least better than expected (in my expectations at least) as it didn’t go to the opposite route by soldering even more components to the logic board. At the pace they were going, I expected Apple to built bricks that couldn’t be serviced in any way let alone be opened. So, coming from that level of expectation, this slotted approach is most definitely and improvement and good news ;D

    Question: With the CPU being upgradable does that mean that one could purchase an i3 model and upgrade that to an i7 when and if needed (although may not support future socket if they’ll change)?

    Thanks again for the info pikeralpha!

    PS: I am forever grateful for you letting myself and others continue to use older macs on newer OS releases. My 2007 MacPro 2,1 went a bit longer than its manufacturer would have let me use it and all thanks to your help! That beauty still purrs like a cat and when needed runs like a cheeta on El Capitan on Apple 30″ monitor! I wish it could go further (even if slowing down a bit) because I came to love that machine, but hey! I certainly I can’t complain since it’s now an 11 year old mac pro… not only because by today standards that’s an “antique” but because thanks to you less tech trash has been generated and on a personal level you brought the TCO of my initial investment (which I’ve been now using it for 11 years and counting instead of just 4!), to just below $650/year rather than $1,750/year! So thank you a ton, pikeralpha!!! 🙂

  4. Sounds like the board Pikeralpha has, might be a “development board” or something provided to its software/hardware engineers by Apple so that perhaps one could swap parts in and run test for compatibility with different hardware configurations? That’s the board mac mini fans would have loved to have in their now more expensive minis.

    As shown in the video by “Snazzy Labs” (posted in another reply as well) only the RAM is user-upgradable there rest is all soldered on much like before.
    It was very disappointing that Apple provided no options to add an internal 2.5 HDD/SSD, to swap CPUs, upgrade wifi/bluetooth.

    Not expecting Apple to go back to the original size of the mini (which was already very tiny for a desktop mac!) so the space would allow using a dedicated graphics card. But I was hoping like everyone else, that they’d listen to its fans and implement these long awaited improvements.

    There is no will to do so… the only concession was RAM slots. Very upsetting. We all know implementation is feasible (and reportedly such a board already exists), but we’ll be made to wait even longer to as Apple keeps denying those wished for features to its loyal customer base for no apparent good reason other than being able to charge outrageous “upgrade” prices when ordering anything other than the base model.

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