v15.7 Beta

The next update of (version 15.7) will come with lots of changes. Stuff that may break things badly, so I decided to add a new Beta branch for it.

The most notable change in v15.7 will be the new support for Custom/User Defined processor data. For this to work you need to add a file called: ~/Library/ssdtPRGen/Data/User Defined.cfg and in this file you add the processor data like this:


The last two fields represent the cpu/bridge type (see ~/ -h for supported bridge types) and a custom bclk/bus frequency. This is handy for unsupported processor models… like the X5560 with a bus frequency of 133MHz.

Note: The Beta version(s) are a work in progress so expect a lot to get changed/fixed/break!


You can get the latest version of by entering this terminal command:

curl -o ~/

The next step is to set the execute/search bits by entering this terminal command:

chmod +x ~/

Bug Reports

Bug reports (so called ‘issues’) can be filed at:

Make sure to use “v15.7 Beta” in the title and please, do not use my blog for bug reports related to this Beta.

Thank you!


Apple Developers Tools 6.1

I was looking for the latest version of cctools to built mtoc for the macosxbootloader project and visited to find this:

But cctools-855 is not the latest version. That is cctools-862 so I changed the url to this and now I can download it.

Not all files are available. Not just yet, but clang is also already updated from clang-503.0.38 to clang-600.0.54 Yeah. Sometimes it pays off to change a URL. Just that you know it 😉

Oh. Before I forget. I have some great news for macosxbootloader fans. Microsoft Windows is no longer an absolute requirement, thanks to Andy Vandijck.

You know what. I was working on Xcode support myself. Like I said in the TODO, but then I got word from Andy (yesterday) that he did it. At first I couldn’t believe it. I mean. What a coincidence. Yeah. Sometimes people surprise me. Anyway. We can now use Xcode/gcc to get boot.efi so expect another update soon!