Hi there!

This is Pike’s place. Avid Apple fan and proud member of the Alpha family. We not only love Apple stuff, and everything Apple related, but our family also has a deep understanding of the hackintosh community. It all started with my father. OS legacy hacker Master Chief who helped so many people with his coding talent, his innovative ideas and work. His endless debates to push the barrier to new heights. This also changed the way UEFI BIOS vendors look at ACPI tables. In fact. There is not a single ACPI table in todays PC/Mac hardware that isn’t written or somehow influenced by him. A bold statement, maybe, but this is just what Intel employees do for their living… change things in a big way. Please note that he joined Apple in 2010 and that was the end of his involvement. Even I don’t get anything out of him!

Next up. The amazing RevoGirl who moved ‘mountains’ before she passed away. Sadly. But it was her gift, love and dedication for this community that made me realise that I have to continue her work. And that of my father. Their legacy should not be forgotten. I however also have my own (social) life where friends, my girlfriend wife and family come in the first spot. Meaning that I don’t have a lot of free time ‘to waste’ but I will try to push things forward. Slow but steadily.

So here we are. A new day. A brand new place to discuss and share (my) ideas. Yeah yeah. I hear you. Let’s wait and see what this brings. Right? Well. I can assure you that great things will happen, and when they happen… they will happen here.

Please note that this is just a hobby project. Like experimenting with H20 and LN2 (extreme) over clocking, which we call benching (nothing to do with a gym) and new psu/case/motherboard mods is. All just to learn new stuff and to have some fun. Other people play games, but I like to code. That is my kind of of game ;)

Note: Comments are moderated, like on many other blogs, to filter out spam and insensitive rubbish from a hand full of idiots.

– Pike

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Pike – I have been pulling my hair out with the HD4600 graphics, Mavericks, and the GA-Z87N-Wifi. I received a working system, but roached it – so, in the process of learning, I had to move all the video kext’s our of the Extensions directory (and I get beyond the dreaded bluetooth hang) … no -x on boot. Now all I need to do is figure out what you put together – and I will have nice buffered graphics. Glenn (ideas are greatly appreciated – 30+ hours of effort so far)

  2. Other people play games, but I like to code. That is my kind of of game.

    I somehow like this statement, because even sometimes i feel the same.

  3. Hello Piker,
    I have a question about ssdtPRGen, it seemed like it does not support older CPUs (I have a Core 2 Duo T9900 processor). I really need to create a clean ssdt for this cpu. Is that possible?

    Kind Regards,

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