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This is Pike’s place. Avid Apple fan and proud member of the Alpha family. We not only love Apple stuff, and everything Apple related, but our family also has a deep understanding of the hackintosh community. It all started with my father. OS legacy hacker Master Chief who helped so many people with his coding talent, his innovative ideas and work. His endless debates to push the barrier to new heights. This also changed the way UEFI BIOS vendors look at ACPI tables. In fact. There is not a single ACPI table in todays PC/Mac hardware that isn’t written or somehow influenced by him. A bold statement, maybe, but this is just what Intel employees do for their living… change things in a big way. Please note that he joined Apple in 2010 and that was the end of his involvement. Even I don’t get anything out of him!

Next up. The amazing RevoGirl who moved ‘mountains’ before she passed away. Sadly. But it was her gift, love and dedication for this community that made me realise that I have to continue her work. And that of my father. Their legacy should not be forgotten. I however also have my own (social) life where my beautiful wife and children, family and friends come first. Meaning that I don’t have a lot of free time ‘to waste’ but I will try to push things forward. Slow but steadily.

So here we are. A new day. A brand new place to discuss and share (my) ideas. Yeah yeah. I hear you. Let’s wait and see what this brings. Right? Well. I can assure you that great things will happen, and when they happen… they will happen here.

Please note that this is just a hobby project. Like experimenting with H20 and LN2 (extreme) over clocking, which we call benching (nothing to do with a gym) and new psu/case/motherboard mods is. All just to learn new stuff and to have some fun. Other people play games, but I like to code. That is my kind of of game 😉

Note: Comments are moderated, like on many other blogs, to filter out spam and insensitive rubbish from a hand full of idiots.

– Pike


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  1. Pike – I have been pulling my hair out with the HD4600 graphics, Mavericks, and the GA-Z87N-Wifi. I received a working system, but roached it – so, in the process of learning, I had to move all the video kext’s our of the Extensions directory (and I get beyond the dreaded bluetooth hang) … no -x on boot. Now all I need to do is figure out what you put together – and I will have nice buffered graphics. Glenn (ideas are greatly appreciated – 30+ hours of effort so far)

  2. Other people play games, but I like to code. That is my kind of of game.

    I somehow like this statement, because even sometimes i feel the same.

  3. Hello Piker,
    I have a question about ssdtPRGen, it seemed like it does not support older CPUs (I have a Core 2 Duo T9900 processor). I really need to create a clean ssdt for this cpu. Is that possible?

    Kind Regards,

  4. Hello Piker, I managed to get some C-states working on my X79 build and I was wondering if you could help me get the rest of them working as well. If this isn’t the right place to post this, then forgive me and point me in the right direction. 🙂

  5. Hi there!

    Has the link gone for the Yosemite boot for the mac Pro 1,1? I have been using for many months but have now wiped my mac and lost the installer..

    Thanks or your help.

  6. Thanks for keeping my MacPro 1,1 alive! Can you tell me how to uninstall your PikeYoseFix Script from a Mac Book Pro that doesn’t need it? (and is now double-booting) Thanks in advance!

  7. Pike: Thanks to you online instructions, I have El Cap running on a circa 2007 Mac Pro (2,1) but don’t know how to install the .efi bootloader onto the hidden Recovery drive. Can you point me to a set of instructions for how to do this (How to see the invisible drive so that one can drag the replacement .efi file onto that drive too)?

    Thanks, in advance, and sorry to trouble you.

    • Hello George,

      type tis in the terminal:

      defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
      Press-> RETURN

      killall Finder
      Press-> RETURN

      And when you are ready type in the terminal:

      defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles FALSE
      Press-> RETURN

      killall Finder
      Press-> RETURN

  8. Hola Pike, mi nombre es David M.M., soy un admirador suyo y visito su web habitualmente.

    Me apasiona el mundo del hackintosh y es impresionante sus logros conseguidos al respecto.

    Le escribo por que voy el fin de semana por Marbella con mi mujer, soy de Motril (GR) y me gustaría, si es posible y no le causa molestia, pasar a saludarle y conocerle en persona.
    También visitar su hotel y ver las instalaciones, según detalló en su post debe ser increíble.

    Agradecería me respondiese tanto si es posible como si no lo es.

    Imagino que habla español mejor que yo ingles 🙂

    Sin más, reciba un cordial saludo, David.-

    • Hola David,

      Ehm. Thanks. I appreciate the kind words, certainly in Spanish, but we are usually packed with guests, all year long, and don’t give tours or let “strangers” visit us and thus I have to decline your kind offer, otherwise we can no longer guarantee that our place is a safe harbour for our guests. Some of which are pretty high profile people and we cannot risk to lose any of them.

      Hmm. I have to add that if there will ever be a time that we can do this sort of things, then I have a few folks on my personal list that are more than welcome to visit us. Dave and his wife for example 😉

  9. Hi piker alpha, thanks for keeping my 2006 mac pro alive and for showing apple that even though we buy iPhone 6s we would like to think that loyalty still counts now that Steve has left us. You are amazing and I hope you find even more interesting things in Sweden. All the very best. Jason

  10. Hi Pike, Was wondering if you know how to hide an intel motherboard raid array from OSX? On my hackintosh it sees the individual drives at boot. Kind of messy. Anyway on a DSDT level to hide them each? I multiboot windows on another drive. I’ve tried and failed. Thanks.

  11. When I first started hackintoshing as a hobby and I didn’t know the difference of a kext from an ssdt file your sister was kind enough to write to me and help me out. I read the emails she sent me back in 2012 and man I got to tell I teared up a little. She was something else Pike. Thanks.

  12. Pike, I’ve spent weeks trying to find a solution to this and have come up bust.

    I’ve got a fleet of macs (about 20 with varying models of MBP, MBA, and MP), that I’m requested to use FileVault on, per state rules. The only issue is that I’m also required to have username/password fields, and FV just doesn’t play ball with that.

    In addition, I’ve got to put a login banner (which was relatively easy), but white text on a light grey background is damn near impossible to see, and I got reamed by the auditors over it.

    I can provide as much info as you need, and I’m pretty competent myself, and in a pinch I can snag my boss who spent a few years at Apple.

    Thank you in advance for any help/advice.

  13. Hello Pike!
    I have a question. For CPU Powermanagement to work using your ssdtPRGen.sh script do I have to disable EIST into BIOS or not? In the console even if it’s disable or not appear “XCPM registered”.
    Thank you.

  14. Hi, just wanted to thank you and all the folks who put work into this solution! As a new owner of a 2006 Mac Pro, I was able to install and enjoy Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.4! Thank you everyone!

  15. First off – my apologies – somewhere on some forum I insisted you were Master Chief, because the likeness was too much. It is only today I read here that he is your father. No wonder!
    I am indeed indebted to him since the good old days when he got Power Management going on P55 boards among others and it gives me immense pleasure to learn this fact that you are taking it forward as well and doing every one proud.
    God Bless and My best wishes to you all

  16. I like your acknowledgements && priorities — helping when you have time, while family and friends come first.

  17. @pikeralpha: I’m going around in circles on something that’s tertiarily related to your awesome Macosxbootloader project. I’m trying to get Windows 2012 R2 loaded on Xserve 1,1, 2,1 and 3,1 at the University of Montana. Obviously bootcamp is not a possibility since Apple in their infinite wisdom excluded the Xserve’s from including BOIS emulation.

    Just like 10.9 and above, “Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server® 2012 support native UEFI 2.0 or later on 64-bit systems.” I’m just an admin stuck with 10 more-than-capible servers that just can’t boot Windows Server.

    I’m incredibly curious to know if this is something that could be handled the same way you handled Macosxbootloader. I’d love to bring life back to these machines. Our current 10.6.8 Server/XSan deployment is starting to fall down in ugly ways and we just can’t afford to replace the machines.


  18. Just a quick note to say thank you. I am in awe of your work. Just finished upgrading my wifes Mac pro 1,1. Here in rural Cork, Ireland. She uses it for her photography work which forms part of her art practice. (www.lucyphelan.com) for her btw. I hope you’re in good health. In the end our health and family is everything, though you are leaving a lasting legacy to the world. I’ll be popping a donation to you this weekend. Go raibh mile math agat (Thank you a thousand times). Duncan.

  19. Hello Pike. I would really like to gets your opinions on choosing a best motherboard and cpu.
    I am a graphic designer / video editor. Mostly Adobe softwares (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Quarkxpress, After Effects) and Final Cut Pro. What would you suggest as the best desktop CPU and Motherboard, my preference is between Asus and Gigabyte. By what I read through their specs.
    Thanks. I would appreciate your hints.

    • Hi,

      I don’t use a hack like you do. Never have. For me this is just a game. About making things work. If it boots up and everything works, then I am happy. Whatever board/processor it is that I may be using at that time. In short. I’m not much of help to you. My best advise is to go ask a fellow graphics designer.

  20. I have seen your article about patching MacOS to recognise PCIe NVMe devices, and wonder if there is something I need to do. I have installed a Toshiba 1Tb RD400 PCIe SSD into my mid-2010 Mac Pro running Sierra. I can see the PCI card on the System Report (type NVM System Controller), but a drive does not mount. It is not seen by Disk Utility or anything else. Is this problem relevant to your patch? I am reluctant to just install a patch without being sure about it, so I would welcome any advice from you or your readers. Thank you.

  21. Hi Pike,

    Got to feed my tech addiction and want to get a mAtx board thats very hackintoshable and could serve as a handbrake encoding machine and play back hevc on Z-H 270 platform. Do you have any recommendations? Im looking at the MSI Z270m Mortar with I5 7600 cpu for has hdmi, dvi, and displayport. What do you think? Thanks.

  22. Hi Pike – thanks a lot for sharing your above personal notes and thank you for sharing your ideas and work with the community. One of the things that came to my mind – just a matter of time before Apple also takes in this wonderful talent. Like father, like son. It’s awesome to feel the respect you demonstrate for the work of others.

    Good luck and take care – smoldersonline (overaged Apple fanboy & rookie Hackintosher)

  23. Hi Piker. So Ive fully patched the ACPI on my Desktop. USB Power works perfectly fine from 10.8 straight to 10.11.6 however in Sierra 10.12.4 USB Power seems to be broken now I’m not sure if this is because of the new USB Stack or maybe a bug. Would you have any ideas? I need USB Power to charge my iPad. Thanks.

  24. I have a mid-2014 MBP 15″. The reflective coating on the top part of the screen surrounding the camera is starting to break down. I heard there is a selective free replacement for the screens on MBP made during this release?

  25. hi peter from barcelona the last seven days trying to uninstall iTunes, i can’t make it. i deserved it for downloading beta versions but iTunes does not recognize my devices. i try to delete iTunes is impossible. it seems there is nor possible due to permissions. i just found your page looking around. if you can’t make it nobody can. i guess there is some issues with system integrity protection, i don’t know really, i want to install another version but imposible.

  26. Hey,
    I have been looking for a script that decodes Mac hardware serial numbers. I stumbled upon your GitHub repo and wanted to see how that works since I am not a developer. There are sites like mac2cash.com where it will decode a serial and spit out a quote based on the specs. Can I use this to do something like that?


  27. I’ve followed since the IM days and just discovered this blog since I started my X99 build. Every new post has me adding pages and pages of notes and future research materials. Thank you!

  28. Pike,

    There is a known issue involving some HP laptops (confirmed on broadwell and skylake elitebooks – G2 & G3) where the laptop will not sleep properly via lid close. Sleeping manually via Apple menu is not affected and works properly. Upon raising the lid, the computer display will appear dark and then “awaken” giving the appearance that the computer entered sleep mode. However, sleep via LID will only occur upon a second try of closing the lid.

    This issue is known (tonymac forums) but as of yet, has not been fixed. It is believed the source of the issue may be VooDooPS2Controller, or even the ACPI. There are a large number of users this affects, but so far, no one has come forward with a fix or willing to put in the work to find a fix. Any chance you are aware of this issue, or interested in working towards a fix?

    • Hi Ben,

      First. This is not the place to ask this, but I would suggest to add some debug statements. Starting with:
      Store ("In _PTS", Debug)
      Add that to Method(_PTS). You can also use the ACPI debug kext from rehabman.

      Do a sleep/wake cycle from the menu and the LID method. See if you can find spots that it skips, or if variable aren’t being set/updated. But maybe all you need is to add a delay.

  29. Hi Pike,

    I am doing research for my first hack and your name keeps coming up 😉
    I am trying to understand thunderbolt, which is hard enough (at least for me) on a non-hack…
    Since I desperately need to have thunderbolt working, might I ask you, if you can recommend a specific make/model/vendor for high sierra?

    I really would also like to understand, why TB hotplugging is not working on hacks, and if the forthcoming Z390 chipset might solve that problem. Any reading you could point me too is greatly appreciated!


  30. Apple Security Update 2018-001 10.11.6 breaks the Piker-Alpha EFI and PikeYoseFix on El Capitan for Mac Pro (2006) MacPro1,1 which has previously worked with all prior El Capitan updates … until now . Do not install that update.

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