ssdtPRGen v12.0 with multi-processor support

A new version of ssdtPRGen (v12.0) with multi-processor support is now available from my Github repository. It should just work, but you are warned: Didn’t have a lot of time to work on it and I also don’t have all sorts of different configurations to test the script on. I guess that it where you come in handy.

Please report bugs and other oddities over at:

Thank you for testing this update!


Status update / v11.0

I worked hard at home on some stuff that we need to finish before the end of next week, like flooring a hallway and work on two bedrooms. Still need to finish some carpeting today. Also need to start painting next week or I won’t make it in time. And don’t forget. I do everything in my free time. Be it with a lot of help, but I haven’t even looked at my new Dell 4K monitor. Nope. Been too busy trying to get real work done. And to give you guys an impression… this is what I am working on:
A show piece. A replica of something that my wife had seen somewhere on the Internet. Mind blowing expensive, but why would anyone reject something like that – a master bedroom with a view to kill? Nope. Not going to happen after having slept in a caravan for a couple of months. By the way. There will be only one room in our home that will be even more expensive. Our kitchen. Sorry guys. Nothing to show you yet. Just an empty void. Nothing to see there. Kitchen is ordered but it is late. Like everything else in Spain. Except for a truckload of palm trees, that were delivered eight weeks too early. Oh well. Better early than never. Which appears to happen also lately, and since I already paid them in full (with some of my Bitcoins) to help them survive the winter months, I guess we’ll have a garden before a spare bedroom for guests… guess what our caravan will be used for next week. After that it is up for sale so anyone looking for a Dethleffs Beduin 550/250 with Isabella Ambassador (dark red) and Bolon carpet (5000 Euro) can contact me per e-mail. Sold!

Let’s talk about the upcoming update of I tell you this. Version 11.0 will be totally different because this is what I have in mind for us:

Usage: ./ [-abcdfhlmptwx]
	-acpi Processor name (example: CPU0 or C000)
	-board-id (example: Mac-F60DEB81FF30ACF6)
	-cpu type [0/1/2/3]
		0 = Sandy Bridge
		1 = Ivy Bridge
		2 = Haswell
		3 = Broadwell
	-debug output [0/1/3]
		0 = no debug injection/debug output
		1 = inject debug statements in: ssdt_pr.dsl
		2 = show debug output
		3 = both
	-frequency (maximum turbo frequency)
	-help info (this)
	-list (example: Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell or Broadwell)
	-model (example: MacPro6,1)
	-processor model (example: 'E3-1285L v3')
	-tdp [11.5 - 150]
	-workarounds for Ivy Bridge [0/1/2/3]
		0 = no workarounds
		1 = inject extra (turbo) P-State at he top with maximum (turbo) frequency + 1 MHz
		2 = inject extra P-States at the bottom
		3 = both
	-xcpm mode [0/1]
		0 = XCPM mode disabled
		1 = XCPM mode enabled

However. Due to the limited amount of free time I have these days… I may have to commit broken work with updates that do not work. Meaning that you may want to wait for other people to confirm that is working for them. In short. Keep your current version and give new versions a go with a nod 😉

New repository for

I have added a new repository for at

This script was originally developed by Samantha but I have added a couple of improvements myself. Give it a go and let me know what you think of it.

Thanks to omni for reminding me about this patch – I knew that I had seen it before, and skimming through some of Samantha’s blog articles helped me to locate it. A painful reminder about the loss of a talented girl. We miss you little sis. Very much indeed!

OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 (Build 13C53) Seeded

Apple seeded a fourth test build of OS X 10.9.2 (13C53) to registered Mac developers, available through the Software Update mechanism in the Mac App Store as well as through the Mac Dev Center.

Focus Areas
– Mail
– Messages
– Graphics Drivers
– VoiceOver
– SMB2

Everyone else interested in testing OS X 10.9.2 (13C53) without being a registered Mac developer can download OSXUpdCombo10.9.2.pkg with help of:

Please note that I may not share direct links to unreleased Apple software here so you will have to search for “OSXUpdCombo10.9.2.pkg” with help of the above link.

New repository for

I have added a new repository for at

This new repository should help me to commit changes more easily, without forcing me to first finish other unrelated changes. And that I take things seriously can be seen here. I mean this particular piece of code was added for one person (Fabio) so when something doesn’t work for your setup, then please contact me per e-mail (see script) or file a bug report here.

Give the new update (version 9.4) a run on your setup and like I said. Please report new bugs via e-mail or link I proved above.

Thank you for helping me to improve