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6 thoughts on “License

  1. Thank you very much for this great software, my Mac Pro 1.1 from 2006 is now running with El Capitan without any problems.

    Sven Giesler

  2. Thank you a ton Pikeralpha! I have been running El Capitan on Mac Pro 2,1 for more than 1 year, stable and nice. Shame on you Apple for not supporting owners of perfectly good Mac Pro and other 32-bit EFI macs to be forced into obsolescence for no real reason other than forcing them to retire their macs and get new ones. When moving from OS 9 to OS X from IBM chips to Intel, Apple included Rosetta and created universal binaries to support all macs during and even more complex transition from one platform to the other, but nothing to allow 32-bit EFI macintosh computers to run 64-bit OS which thanks to Piker’s bootloader have been proven to be more than capable to run extremely well. So much for thinking different Apple! 😡😒👎

  3. PS: I guess there won’t be no Sierra version of the bootloader since even if allowing to boot unsupported macs, the lack of SSE4.1-capable CPUs won’t let us use Sierra on older macs… am I correct?

      • Hi Pike and thanks for the fast reply…

        Posted a followup question, but looks like did not go through… so I am trying again.

        How would one go about it? I gathered some info on the dosdude1 page and on the thread of the YT video where he’s explaining how to use the patch here:

        I commented asking the following: “Looks like that with this patch one could install macOS Sierra ONLY on machines that had 64-bit EFI and natively supported running El Capitan. This is not going to perform what PikerAlpha’s modified boot.efi used to do and allow unsupported macs with 32-bit EFI (although they had 64-bit CPUs like my mac pro 2,1). Would that be a correct assumption? Thanks disdude1 :)”

        Then dosdude1 replied by saying: “Not exactly. It WOULD actually work using that method, but the reason it doesn’t is because the CPUs used in those machines don’t support SSE4.1, and the chipset doesn’t support any CPUs that do.”

        I was led to think that due to lack of SSE4.1-capable CPU Sierra would have no chance to work on Mac Pros (1,1 2,1 3,1 and 4,1 which dosdude1 reports ad unable to use his patch).

        If that’s not the case and a way to make things work does exist by using a kernel for AMD as you said above, that would be great news!… if one would had any idea of what that means and how to go about accomplishing it 😛 Due to my limited knowledge on the inner workings of the mac OS kernel, I wouldn’t know where to start. Any way you could shed some light on it? I am willing to learn and experiment on my 2,1 and if I get things working I will more than gladly pass the info along.

        Thanks much Pike! 🙂

      • You do know that this is the license page. Right? That was why it didn’t get through. Please repost your question under a more appropriate blog article so that I can remove this. Thanks!

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