What is that WWDC 2017 picture telling us…

What is this WWDC 2017 picture telling us?

This is a part of a picture that you can download here. Take a look at the person in the upper left corner. What do you think? Is that a MacBook Pro in front of him? If you work for Apple, that would have to be a yes I guess. Even if the dimension of that keyboard and trackpad doesn’t fit a 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Ok. Now look at the one below it. Two people looking at a ‘notebook’ without a keyboard and trackpad on it. Why? That’s just weird. Not only that. It appears to be wider and has a bigger display.

There are ten other figures with the same kind of ‘notebook’. What, if anything, is Apple trying to tell us here? That one out of eleven notebooks is a MacBook Pro? Or that other brands do sell a 17-inch notebook? Nah. That can’t be it is it?

Wait. What did Tim Cook say about the pro? Ergo. Is that a new Apple device, or a 17-inch MacBook Pro with a Kaby Lake processor?

I know. It’s just a picture, but Apple is usually giving away clues/hints as to what the event is about – in terms of hardware announcements. Maybe it’s just a silly coincidence, but what do you think?

What other hardware would I love to see announced at WWDC?

Well. Ok. A new AppleTV with a faster processor and a USB-C port that actually works. Not just for diagnostic purposes. To restore the device (in the event that over-the-air restore doesn’t work). But one that could be used for external storage.

Next to that. A new Mac Pro and Mac mini. I’m also getting the next iPad Pro. Definitely.

13 thoughts on “What is that WWDC 2017 picture telling us…

  1. looks like someone is reading a newspaper, so maybe apple is going to bring out a liquid display that is foldable, that would sure shake up the market 🙂

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