I would like to add some clarity to this donation page. First. I only asked for donation once before, and your donation was well spent.

So what happened with your money? We first doubled your donation and gave it to charity, then we took the same amount of money and saved it up until I could purchase some new PC hardware.

The reason for doing it like this is that I may not accept donations for personal gain, and thus we had to come up with a trick that was acceptable for my employers.

In short. Your donation(s) helped me to give away shoes, jackets and other cloths, as well as food and equipment that people in need were looking for. We only had to do it in an odd way… but I have seen many smiling faces of children that were otherwise not so happy, and thus we’d like to thank you for your generosity.

It also helped me to put poverty into a different perspective. It’s not always their own fault. Sometimes things go down fast, and children are paying the price for it. This really opened my eyes, and I want to do more for people in need.

No. We are not asking for (more) donations, but my family will start doing things a bit differently. We like what we have seen, and it gives us an incredible good feeling when we help a family that would otherwise be left alone. One of our previous projects was to donate a fridge to a family in need. Another one was The big Asus X99-E i7-6850K give away. With more to come.

Thank you so much!