First sign of macOS 10.13

Most of you will know that I like to be ready. In time. Sure. It is still very early, but Apple isn’t sitting still – and neither am I – so here you go. This is the first public sign of macOS 10.13:

What you see here is a (large part) of the CatalogURL for developer seeds. A secure (HTTPS) link (note the green “Apple Inc.”) so this is not some fake link.

I can’t wait to get my hands dirty…

Please. Don’t ask for the full link. There is nothing there for you to download and when you use the new URI, then you won’t get to see updates anymore. Not for important updates like security related issues. Just don’t use it. Next to that. You need to be a registered (paid) developer in order to receive and install the next version of macOS.

Edit: The link I found was 100% accurate.

See also: CatalogURL for macos 10.13 High Sierra


17 thoughts on “First sign of macOS 10.13

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    • How is it possible that the newest software Siera is not: Automatic spell-checking of Slovak grammar when writing important dokumenter. From that time Apple launched MAVERICK was not there and the strange thing is today it is 2017. I think that language is important on a computer as the MacBook Pro Retina!????

      • Slovak or Swedish? I mean. Your IP# appears to be coming from Sweden and you used the word “dokumenter” which is (also) Swedish.

        I run into issues with auto-correction all day long. For me using four languages. It sucks. Big time.

    • Hi Ben,

      Oh don’t get me wrong. Me too. I am happy with macOS Sierra, and there is still plenty of (broken) stuff to fix. Things to discover. Stuff that I don’t quite understand, but I welcome the next edition of macOS.

  2. Hej Pal, Greetings from Sverige. I have been silently following your splendid work and thought to wave hello. Thanks!

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