Home sweet home…

Yah! Home sweet home again. Have missed the ‘fun parts’ like shaving my head and the operations, but the scar, headache, bruises and being bold now – for the time being – is a painful reminder of this all. Actually. It may as well have saved me from dying unexpectedly. I mean. No ordinary person would have known that I was suffering from a ruptured brain aneurysm. Luckily my mom was here and the doctor in her took control. She knew what I was going through.

And no. Of course not. This isn’t really me typing – duh – but I simply want to let my friends know that I am alright. Sure. I need some time to recover (Godspeed) and I want to go on a well deserved holiday with my wife and son some time soon, hopefully, but I also wanted to say thank you for all these kind and loving words. Thank you so much!!!

Yes. I am eager to return to work, but like I said… I need a little time. But to show you that I am serious about my return… here is something that some of you may want to try:

The AppleIntelSKLFBController binary checks for 0x19120000 in AppleIntelSKLFBController::getPlatformID() and that basically blocks the Intel Accelerator from loading. What you can do is search for B8 00 00 12 19 in the binary, and replace it with B8 01 00 12 19. Clover users can use this search and replace pattern in their configuration file:

            <string>Skylake IntelAccelerator Patch (c) Pike R. Alpha</string>

After this the Intel Accelerator will load, but the frame buffer may still fail to work properly. Read reliable. In short. This check is added for a reason. My own personal view is that the Apple driver isn’t ready for prime time.

This isn’t everything I want to share, but not everything is so well documented and can be shared right now; Like my AMD (black screen) patch, USB patches, SATA (express) patches and NVMe support for Samsung 950 PRO NMVe.

Do I care? No. Not really. I have time to share it later on, and I also want some people to sweat over it first. That is all that matters for me right now. Anyway. Thanks again folks!

Warm Regards,

Pike, Junior and Angélica Alpha


26 thoughts on “Home sweet home…

  1. Glad that you’re at home with your beloved ones. You need rest and a vacation with your family. You need to worry with your health and your family this come in first place. You deserve all the better in the world.

  2. It is woth to mention the 510 is working… sort of. The dev id is already present (Desktop GT1) I get native resolution, the screen blinks twice but no graphic interface black screen with glimpses of verbose mode:
    The IGPU seem initiated:
    18.11.2015 17:34:57,000 kernel[0]: [IGPU] Scheduler: PM notify disabled
    18.11.2015 17:34:57,000 kernel[0]: [IGPU] Graphics Address: PPGTT, Separate Address Space
    18.11.2015 17:34:57,000 kernel[0]: [IGPU] MultiForceWake Disabled: Using 2D Driver
    18.11.2015 17:34:57,000 kernel[0]: [IGPU] Scheduler Throttle Cap = 100ms.
    18.11.2015 17:37:53,000 kernel[0]: [IGPU] Graphics accelerator is running in ExecutionList mode.
    18.11.2015 17:37:53,000 kernel[0]: [IGPU] Graphics accelerator is using scheduler interface revision 1
    18.11.2015 17:37:53,000 kernel[0]: [IGPU] Scheduler: Multiple channel indexes per command streamer

    I have a plenty of experience in a field of OSX86 and would be happy to see the cheapest Pentium running with igpu. As far as I remember only the first gen of Core architecture was lucky when it come to the cheapest Pentium family 😉

  3. So happy to hear that you are on the road to recovery!

    Are you accepting donations again or soon? I came in to make a donation right after I installed El Capitan on my 1,1 but then saw that your dad’s post about refunding all donations, asking people to not donate… I definitely like to pay back just a little for all your work that you share with everyone.

    Good luck in your recovery.

  4. Welcome back, Pike and Angélica. It’s great to see you in such good spirits and whetting our appetite with new, intriguing challenges, but I really hope NOT to hear from you again until you all take some well-deserved, extended holiday. By the way, now that the cold weather is setting in, you should buy a fedora for your baldness. We don’t want you catching a cold now!

  5. I have an Angelica out there (somewhere (I love you, Angel)) . . . .


    You bonk Pike on teh head (a part that has no sutures, of course), and look into both (!) eyes, that he is again (exactly) reminded of where those eyes (!!) need to be pointing 🙂

    If my Angel was here, I’d easily forget that I had a computer . . . .

  6. Take rest and enjoy. Can’t even image what you’ve been through. Forget about this work of yours. All we want and wish is a speedy recovery. Nothing is more important than your beloved ones.

  7. Piker, all the best to you, fu–ing nice news to hear that you are in good shape. Take care of yourself, your madam and junior. All the best in your time off!!

  8. Hope you get well soon Pike, for you and your family and lastly for the community that follows with great interest the work you do, I am eternally grateful for the way my MacPro 1.1 continues to keep up due to your Mods. You are a one off genius!

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