Patching AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext

A long time ago (read seventeen months ago) I blogged about the changes in the AGDP (Apple Graphics Device Policy) and had to came up with a workaround for an issue in AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext so that we could use a MacPro6,1 board-id/model combination, without the usual hang with a black screen.

Today I like to present an alternative route for this and this time it is a patch that can be used with Clover’s kext patching feature. Here it is:

        <string>AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy (board-id) Patch (c) Pike R. Alpha</string>

Basically what we do is search for “board-id” and replace it with “board-ix” – or anything that we want to use instead. Please give it a go and let me know if it works for you.

Please note that this is not my patch for the AMD discrete graphics problems!

Update: Folks. Let’s not reply to false copyright claims and other childish attacks from the same people who did that before. We know who they are…

Blog article cleaned up and a note about the (AMD) discrete graphics added.

66 thoughts on “Patching AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext

  1. Congrats for the new finding Pike.
    “p.s. This isn’t really me but the result is the same ;)”
    Sorry for the curiosity….but what do you mean?

  2. Hi, Pike.

    I try the patch, but my display will be black screen 😦

    I use SMBios iMac 17,1 and before try your patch, i edited “AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext’s info.plist”. And it work. But if i mix it with your patch, it will be black screen. Just for your information

    • Huh? What are you talking about? Pike certainly came up with this. And in 2014 already. We only post it on behalf of Pike – due to his double vision problem that should be fixed next week.

      Facts check: The post you are referring to was made in 2015, which to us here is a year later!!!

  3. Pike, just ignore the trolls. The hackintosh scene knows, who you and your family is.
    Just keep up the good work.

    Waiting impatiently for your usb hacks…

    • And do you know who those ‘trolls’ are, mate? This is a rhetorical question, please do not reply, it won’t lead anywhere anyway.

      • Anyone who wants to know who those ‘trolls’ are can lookup all their private little details. The garbage is out since yesterday, and freely available on the Internet. I myself will not share the links to it, and I had nothing to do with it, but thanks to the Anonymous crew.

        Besides. Why ask this anyway. Another rhetorical question so there is no need for a reply.

        Happy searching.

      • “Why ask this anyway. Another rhetorical question so there is no need for a reply.”
        As I said, I did not want a reply, this is a call to people to not judge about people they most definitely have not clue of beside having read 3 posts. This is to the people judging for no other reason but you saying they are trolls, and that makes obvious what kind of a manipulative influence you have on them.
        But I guess the reactions are not far from what you want to achieve anyway, so congratulations!

        And excuse me, I have no need to research. 🙂

      • Where did I use the word troll? I can’t remember having used that anywhere. I know people who used it, but that wasn’t me. Not my cup of tea.

        Here ppeople are free to make their own judgement, just like you are, but you are making assumptions that I am looking for certain reactions, and that other peoples judgement was based on three posts only. Which is based on what?

  4. Hi Piker, in first time, thanks a lot for your works, amazing and envidiable. But, ignore trolls, anyone know who are you and that’s the difference, congrats for your loving work about hackintosh scene.

    A question that have about next usb’s hacks? This include the ASMedia PCIe USB3.0 Fix??

    Thanks in advance and greetings from Spain! 😉

  5. Hello! Thanks for the tip but unfortunately I’m still getting a black screen when using iMac15,1. I’m not sure if it fixes it for that as well or if it only fixes it for MacPro6,1

    • The thing is that I never ever changed anything. I am Pike and will always be Pike. I never used a nick name. Not here not anywhere else. But I admit that my family and friends use my second name. I myself however love my first name and I am proud to be given this name as it was my grandfathers name. I loved the man. He was always there for me, at times that my father was away for work. See also Loving your work… But this, your reply, also shows me that people are suffering from tunnel vision. They simply cannot understand that there are more of us who love to do something for other people, and thus we must be one. Right. Time to quit… start doing something else. Something that is appreciated by real people.

      • Thanks. And while I know that there will always people who will try to drag other peoples integrity into off-topic discussions, and I tried to be reasonable for quite some time with these people, and if you look at what they did… that is pretty amazing, but for everything is a time that I have to say enough is enough. Like when a moderator over at thinks that my work is about a “cup” or “championship” – how funny – when in fact it is about helping other people, and not letting someone else walk away with your hard work without a single notation, link or mention of your name, blog or source, and on top of that someone else (yeah. I know. It was joe75 again but what else is new) thinks that the work wasn’t done by me, but someone else… who used my work a year later without giving credit for it.

        So does this mean that I will stop helping people? No. I just won’t be a regular over at anymore. I was getting sick and tired anyway about all this fusss; we don’t support and its tools. They kept on talking about “stolen” software, and removing links to the website, but when something is really misused and abused, on their own website… then the admins and site administrators are no where to be found. Double standards much? Time to hurt them – think Fubra – where it really hurts and use my powers over at Google Inc.

      • Hey I think you can easily be above such things 😉 If you seek a kind of “revenge” – the “trolls” just win again. Also keep in mind if you stay away from IM you are basically hurting everyone, that includes people that did no harm to anyone. So maybe you rethink this decision? And maybe you all could try to clear things up in a calm minute? I think its sad if this community is being overshadowed by such things, after all we basically all have the same goals, don’t we?

      • You know. This all started when I added a Copyright to a patch so that people are remembered who it was that came up with the patch. That I took the time to investigate the underlying problem, and came up with a patch for it. I can do this, but some people didn’t like this. Fact is. I may do that for as long as I don’t claim ownership over the Apple binary and/or the Apple plist. And I won’t. Like I never share Apple copyrighted material.

        But instead of being happy, joe75 had to step in (again) and started an off-topic discussion over at IM – based on an error on his side – that should have been stopped when I clicked on the report button. But that did not happen. Like their forum/chat is out of control. So why would I be interested in using a forum that is out of control? I mean. I was told earlier today that this off-topic attack is still going on, and without administrators stepping in to stop it and clean it up.

        Sure. We probably share some goals, but the personal attacks and lies from stationary old-timers who do nothing but cause trouble should stop. The problem is that I don’t see this happening. And one cannot have a normal discussion with people who are unreasonable, lie and make things up, try to bent hell over backwards to let people think that what they do is right. Speaking about ‘manipulative influences’ LOL

      • Yeah I understand, but seriously, that discussion about a (c) sign is so ridiculous that I think its wasted time to even think about it 😉 So thats why I said “be above such things”. Alternatively you could simply write “by Pike” and omit that damn sign? I mean you want your credit and imho(!) you deserve it, but I guess you do not want to enforce a kind of copyright law in the original sense? So why exposing yourself to senseless remarks more than you actually need to? Just my 2c of course.

      • Why should anyone have to give in to people who think to be right when they are wrong? What I have in mind was clear from the start, being that I want to protect the work (read time and energy) that I have put into it, and there is nothing wrong with that. If we have to be careful about what we can say/do just because someone yells the loudest, then it is time to alter their thinking. Not ask people like me to do it differently. Right? Ok. This isn’t the easiest way out, but to me this is the right thing to do.

        p.s.: I have a mission with this whole Copyright thing, but I cannot tell you right now what that is.

  6. As always, Thank You for another great piece of work. : )
    However, I have a X79 system with 2 Nvidia maxwell cards and using this instead of “none” in the plist still causes 1 GPU to unload. It’s not predictable which GPU will work. Sometimes neither works.

    I really appreciate all the amazing things you’ve shared with the community and I for one know exactly who deserves the credit for how great my hack functions. YOU and your family. Best wishes to you and thanks again.

    • @shilohh – I’m glad I wasn’t the only one with that issue – I thought I was going nuts.

      @pike – thanks for the awesome patch, one more step to a “clean” system.

  7. To Piker: Thanks for your great work! 🙂

    Sorry to hear about your bad relationship with insanelymac admins. I understand your point, but from my perspective that can’t be good for hackintosh community at all. The basic idea of this community considers collaboration in the first place, but not arguing because of some selfish reasons. So let us all remind why we all are here, and why we all doing here what we do!

    And now here is my question for you: I wonder is there any chance that you will check mentioned (AMD) discrete graphics problem soon? The community didn’t manage to find the proper solution for that little issue till now, so we (AMD users) will appreciate your help. It would be nice if you manage to determinate where is the problem, because in my humble opinion, those issue troubling us long enough. In short, it would be really nice if we manage to resolve that once and for all.

    Thanks again!

    • A quote from one of his previous posts:

      “This isn’t everything I want to share, but not everything is so well documented and can be shared right now; Like my AMD (black screen) patch, USB patches, SATA (express) patches and NVMe support for Samsung 950 PRO NMVe.”

      I’m assuming he has it at least partially working.

    • You highly doubt it? Based on what exactly?

      Don’t tell me that it wasn’t me who got the Samsung 951 working, with motherboards that failed to boot without my the BIOS mod I blogged about. Some people just like to see some icing on a cake, and the pudding I served so far was bitter sweet. You don’t think so?

      Perhaps you are eager to get one working, but couldn’t find a solution for it, so far, but posts like yours are not going to bring you near a solution. Not one from my side anyways.

  8. I for one would be very interested in seeing your benchmarks for your solution compared to the released driver from MacVidCards?

    • Hi,

      The performance can only be checked on a motherboard with both SSD modules, and I did not check that, and I cannot do that right now, but it should be almost the same. The real question is: Does Jims driver supports power management or not? I don’t know and I haven’t checked it myself.

      Update: Jim confirmed it on the macrumor forum. There is no power management support – his driver was written for servers.

      I did test a 256GB Samsung 951 AHCI with AJA (version 2.1) and that did 1200+ MB/seconds write and 2000+ MB/seconds read – note that this also depends on the settings in AJA – so I am not that impressed by 1400/2400MB seconds read/write of a larger NVMe module (the hardware, not the software). I mean. The 512GB Samsung 951 AHCI is almost as quick as the 512GB NVMe module in a M.2 4x slot and uses less power and supports proper power management.

      Another thing is. Only a (UEFI) BIOS with NVMe drivers can be used to boot from the NVMe variant were as the AHCI one is supported by all BIOS versions. Without any need to mod the BIOS first. The fact that Clover users first need to load a driver, before booting is even possible, shows me that this route is sub-optimal and it also makes Clover a second stage boot configuration tool, because without that UEFI driver… one cannot load the OS. Good that it works, but for me this is not optimal.

      Now about the latency. The little reduction in latency means nothing for desktop users. The improved performance comes from the 128Gbit chips on the NVMe modules vs the 64Gbit chips on the ‘older’ AHCI modules (the Samsung UBX controller on the 950 Pro and 941 NVMe modules is the same).

      The extended warranty (five years for the 950 Pro) is more important to me, and only that makes me want to use the NVMe variants over the AHCI modules, but for the rest it doesn’t really matter what you use.

      I also wonder if and when Jim is going to release his source code, because then we know what is going on and what sources where used to write the driver. Until that… anything is possible.

  9. still have the problem here i tried everything a find in the web and reienstal the system 3 times and no luck ! black screen after apple logo reach the middle ! i have asus z170 viii hero and gtx 970 !

  10. Hi,Pike.
    Nice to meet you again!
    I used your patch in config.plist and I reused vanilla AppleGraphicsControl.kext(AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext).And it still doesn’t work.Why…
    My graphics card is GTX 650.

  11. I’ve tried this patch for a GA-Z170MX-GAMING 5 with a GTX960 on 10.11.5.

    I did get it to work, but it is unstable:
    – Sometimes it works
    – Sometimes it makes the computer go in to a reboot loop right after loading the nv web driver
    – Sometimes it does not do anything, so i’ll end up with a loaded web driver and a black screen.

    I’ll ended up using the iMac 14,2 SMBIOS instead without the patch, system is working fine. But i can not use a Skylake SMBIOS.

    Is this a problem other people are living with? If yes, will it be fixable? Or do I just need to wait for a Skylake Mac Mini SMBIOS?

    Nevertheless, thank you for your hard work!


  12. Hi Piker, long time follower of your work firstly thank you so much for your contribution without you alot of stuff for hakint0shes would not work. Secondly I have a question.. I have been using the same board since 10.8 now sierra i got it to load accept i have had one issue ever since I started to use clover.. my board is GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 I am using a GT640 EVGA 2gb.. this is suppose to have native support my issue is the machine boots and displays the apple logo and bar and when it finishes it goes to sleep after multiple boots sometimes it works and other times its a nightmare. If you have a solution for this any help will be greatly appreciated.

    things i have tried the nvidia web driver, using all the flags for clover.. i am not sure now what my settings should look like.. i even changed the smbios i have several machines with different cpus and same mainboard i3 i5 and i7.

    JR Cohen

  13. Somehow this patch does not work for me under macOS Sierra – currently on PB6. But somehow the “AGDPfix.v1.3” works.

    Under 10.11.6 works flawlessly.

    System Definition iMac 17,1
    GPU: GTX 960,
    MB: GA-Z170X-UD5 TH

    • Hi, I have the exact same problem on Sierra GM. The patch worked fine on 10.11.6 with SMBIOS 17,1 but I get the black screen again on Sierra GM + SMBIOS 17,1…

      • I don’t need a patch for my IGPU only configuration. It all boils down to using the correct device name in the DSDT – injected via a tiny SSDT.

        p.s. I am still using DP8. I’ll rather wait for the official release of Sierra and skip the GM candidate(s). No time to waste.

      • I can confirm same black screen issue with the Sierra GM + GTX660. The patch above works fine in 10.11, but looks like something has changed in Sierra (or possibly Clover, I did update that as well recently).

  14. Is there any way you can remove all the bitching bullshit posts at the top of this page?…
    It’s makes reading this blog an arduous task rather than an informative useful resource.

    • @Tasc,

      Latest Clover changed the way to inject Nvidia driver you have to add this two line in system parameters:

      • Thanks for the reply Fabio, but I don’t think that is the issue with my setup. I don’t use the nvidia web drivers since my card is supported natively by Apple. I was able to get it to work again by manually editing the AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext plist for my board-id.

  15. I had to add my Board ID to the plist and set it to none. It wasn’t in there before, and although the default seems to be “none” from reading the plist, it didn’t work without adding an entry for my system.

  16. I have nvidia gt 710 graphics card and it was working very well on 10.9 (mavericks) with web drivers and boot flag nvda_drv=1
    after updating to 10.10 (yosemite) and installing web drivers and using nvda_drv=1 the screen goes to sleep
    I searched the web and find your patch but i have no knowledge about how to use it
    my system is 10.10.1 hackintosh using yosemity-zone and the bootloader is chameleon on gigabite g41 BIOS not UEFI

  17. I came across a driver which implements your solution ( I repacked it, as it perfectly fits my needs. (
    Now I wanted to make sure whether this is alright.

    I’m deeply sorry for your loss.

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