I had everything… and now this…

You know. Almost everyone I know can watch TV, and I can too, but that is about to change. Big time! Thing is.

I am slowly turning blind.

Really? Yeah really. The Doctors can’t tell me when, but it is a fact of life. In short. I have to get used to darkness. Total darkness, but there is still so much that I want to see, and so many places to visit, but we have no idea how long I have.

This news was a slap in my face. Come on. I know that I have bad eyes, but this. This is something totally unexpected, and you cannot possibly prepare for something like this. Boy did I have a big panic attack. It’s like someone telling you that your current life is over. How the hell do you cope with turning blind?

I just don’t know what to do anymore. And the fact that I have a wife and a child to take care of, is scaring the crap out of me. And as a result, I cannot sleep or eat anything. I’m just so worried about our future. How it is to be totally dependant on other people?

About my projects? Well. To be honest. That is really the least I worry about. I have other hobbies as well, that one day soon I will have to let go, but not being able to see… Man. That is scary. I mean. Not being able to drive a car. To no longer being able to see my son grow up. How on earth do you, as a young father, cope with something like this?

Update: Our son, who you know by the name Pike, needed immediate medical attention after a sudden loss of consciousness. He was flown over – at a low altitude above water – to a nearby private clinic last night, and operated (ruptured brain aneurysm) to stop him from dying.

Now he need rest and time to recover from this operation. May God be on our side this time. Losing two children (before) is all I can take.

New Update: Yeah!!! I have some very good news to share with you. Thank God for that.

Pike woke up last Friday and the operation went well. It wasn’t a cancer after all. It was a ‘simple‘ abscess filled with blood and other fluids around a skull splinter. One that must have been sitting there ever since his accident. How did they miss that? Anyway. Pike may even see better now, and that with his so called ‘bad eye’. We are so happy, and it appears that Pike and his wife are getting another little one. We are over the moon with this news!!!

MC out. Over to Pike now…

p.s. Pike can only return after a break… so you will have to wait for stuff like this:

Skylake IntelAccelerator Demo

– Ralf aka Master Chief (father of Pike).

66 thoughts on “I had everything… and now this…

  1. Goooood news…
    It was also happened with me.. when my left eye was hurt by a speedy tennis ball…
    It was black out for me..
    On that time a bright light seen as a yellow light spot…
    and other else seen just redish black…
    I felt that time i can’t see by my left eye forever..

    I immediately went to hospital..
    Doctor said retina is filled with blood cause or injuries inside eye..

    He gave medicines to dry or remove that blood…
    too many tubes(paste of Medicine) applied night and day everyday…

    after a week i was able to see little bit..
    And after three month all completely fixed

    On those days saying self to “All will be well”
    but the experience was un-imagenable…

    thanks a god you good and well..

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  3. Hi Pike,

    I hope you are well, I was saddened to read about your medical issues. I hope that taking care of your brain aneurism have helped or better yet arrested the loss of vision. I have been helped by your workarounds and truly appreciate all you have done.

    I wish you all the best and appreciate all you have done for me and for our Macs community.

    Please let me know if I can be of any help.

    Ted [MD]

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