Script to upgrade macOS High Sierra DP1 to DP2 (17A291j)

I wrote a new handy script ( which downloads the individual upgrade packages for macOS High Sierra DP2 (17A291j) from the CatalogURL and then the installer opens, right after the download has finished, and it let’s you pick a target volume.

I myself even ran the script from macOS Sierra 10.12.3, after modifying the ProductVersion in: /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist which I changed into 10.13 I restored the value (10.12.3) when the installer started to move files.

Please confirm!

Edit: In case that you don’t have a RecoveryHD, then you will see an error at the end of the installation procedure. No worries. This is expected behaviour.

37 thoughts on “Script to upgrade macOS High Sierra DP1 to DP2 (17A291j)

  1. Hi Pike.. That script sounds very handy. Thank you for sharing with the community but wonder does this mean you won’t have to prepare a USB key installer if you already have an old Sierra install and another drive ready for install? Thanks.

  2. Does the script allow to choose the SSD side of an iMac 2014 Fusion drive?

    I tried reformatting iMac to APFS and install 10.13. It split my 1TB fusion drive. I reconnected the drive in terminal and reformatted as journaled and installed 10.13.

    Don’t know why on the first install of 10.13 it didn’t reformat the iMac to APFS? Why I tried again.

    My MBP SSD reformatted to APFS fine and 10.13 installed perfect. Working great.

  3. Trank You Works Great. I have update 10.13 DP1 to DP2 with your Script. To end of Installation com a liddle Error Screen “Installation failed” is Not True, Installation is ok and correct.

    • Ah ok. That is the InstallationCheck() failing for unsupported models and board-id’s.

      I think that you can work around this by commenting out lines 124 and 134 of the script (see /tmp/091-19061 folder) and removing the following line from the distribution file:

      <installation-check script="InstallationCheck()"/>

      After that you have to run the modified script.

      • tried your tip above with the modified script and deleting in the distribution file but
        still ERROR_3491501876


      • Are you sure that the curl calls are commented out properly? Is the distribution file still the one that you have modified?

        Please change the error message: “ERROR_3491501876” into something funny like “HELLO_MARKUS”. Do you see your name or not?

        How exactly did you install the macOS High Sierra Beta seed?

  4. i used a german dist file renamed to english. now the installer is running witout error. Board ID and non supported mac model must be OK in it.
    i hope the installer runs after restart.

    • I am on 10.13 Beta (17A291j) now. With the german dist file out of /library/updates/… which i used at last in /temp/ with the modified script to generate the installer package, the installer now runs after restart into 10.13 Beta (17A291j).

      thanks Markus

  5. Hello Pike i think the english file may also be good, if the entry for not supported macmini3,1 is not in the list and the MAC Model id for macmini3,1 is in the distributon file. iI deleted the MACMINI3,1 but did not find the MAC id. So i tried the german dist and all was OK.


  6. Target volume selection does not work for volume names with spaces.

    targetVolumes=($(ls /Volumes | sort))

    shopt -s nullglob
    cd /Volumes

  7. Hello, nice to see U again @Pike: I have a question:
    How if we already have all *.pkg downloaded before, but wanna use this script w/o redownload them again? In my case; there were “EmbeddedOSFirmware.pkg”, “FirmwareUpdate.pkg”,”FullBundleUpdate.pkg”,”macOSUpd10.13.pkg”,”macOSUpd10.13.RecoveryHDUpdate.pkg” on /Library/Updates folder.
    Thanks in advances. ^_^

    • His,

      Thanks. You already have the files in the: /Library/Updates/091-19061 folder? Including the distribution file? And when you reboot, it won’t install the downloaded update?

      • Yes, all *.pkg & distribution.plist are there. But, every time I reboot to complete the process, I get only RecoveryHD updated and still have previous macOS build. No worry, I’ve repeated the process using ur awesome script then it got succeeded update after running packed @2.2GB Installer.pkg. Thanks anyway (y)

  8. As Badruzeus wrote Shava, it was with me also so that the files were all available.

    After the download of the files normal from the appstore, as a developer account start macOS new and already in the phase, as he “installing 1 Item” was dusted after about 15 seconds, which is not already nomal.

    Then, after reboot, he wrote, “Remaining 13 minutes of installation”. At 10 minutes it was then only 7, 5, 3, and then ready for login on the desktop.

    And it was not updated to DP2, still DP1.

    Thanks Piker, your beautiful script, was now the install.pkg file created and then the installation was simple and functioned. Well, the error with me with the nonexistent RecoveryHD is negligible, at a hackintosh.

    I have today by the way the DP2 as .dmg file (full) loaded from a Russenserver (
    So you can make a clean installation of High Sierra 10.13 Beta 2. Have it already tested on a blank partition, goes impeccably!

  9. Hi pike I was able to use your script to make an installer for DP-1 update. Now i was able to bring Mini2009 an Gigabyte Ga31 to 291m. All other tries end in Update not instaleld or missing Osinstall.mpkg.



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