How to get Xcode 9 Beta without a paid developer account…

Thanks to Apple 🙂

Why do we need it? Look here:

typedef struct boot_args {
    uint16_t    Revision;	/* Revision of boot_args structure */
    uint16_t    Version;	/* Version of boot_args structure */

    uint8_t     efiMode;    /* 32 = 32-bit, 64 = 64-bit */
    uint8_t     debugMode;  /* Bit field with behavior changes */
    uint16_t    flags;

    char        CommandLine[BOOT_LINE_LENGTH];	/* Passed in command line */

    uint32_t    MemoryMap;  /* Physical address of memory map */
    uint32_t    MemoryMapSize;
    uint32_t    MemoryMapDescriptorSize;
    uint32_t    MemoryMapDescriptorVersion;

    Boot_VideoV1 VideoV1;	/* Video Information */

    uint32_t    deviceTreeP;	  /* Physical address of flattened device tree */
    uint32_t    deviceTreeLength; /* Length of flattened tree */

    uint32_t    kaddr;            /* Physical address of beginning of kernel text */
    uint32_t    ksize;            /* Size of combined kernel text+data+efi */

    uint32_t    efiRuntimeServicesPageStart; /* physical address of defragmented runtime pages */
    uint32_t    efiRuntimeServicesPageCount;
    uint64_t    efiRuntimeServicesVirtualPageStart; /* virtual address of defragmented runtime pages */

    uint32_t    efiSystemTable;   /* physical address of system table in runtime area */
    uint32_t    kslide;

    uint32_t    performanceDataStart; /* physical address of log */
    uint32_t    performanceDataSize;

    uint32_t    keyStoreDataStart; /* physical address of key store data */
    uint32_t    keyStoreDataSize;
    uint64_t	bootMemStart;
    uint64_t	bootMemSize;
    uint64_t    PhysicalMemorySize;
    uint64_t    FSBFrequency;
    uint64_t    pciConfigSpaceBaseAddress;
    uint32_t    pciConfigSpaceStartBusNumber;
    uint32_t    pciConfigSpaceEndBusNumber;
    uint32_t	csrActiveConfig;
    uint32_t	csrCapabilities;
    uint32_t    boot_SMC_plimit;
    uint16_t    bootProgressMeterStart;
    uint16_t    bootProgressMeterEnd;
    Boot_Video	Video;		/* Video Information */

    uint32_t    apfsDataStart; /* Physical address of apfs volume key structure */
    uint32_t    apfsDataSize;

    uint32_t    __reserved4[710];

} boot_args;

10 thoughts on “How to get Xcode 9 Beta without a paid developer account…

  1. Link to beta xcode did not work for my unpaid developer account – says:

    “This page no longer exists or the Apple ID you signed in with does not have permission to view this page. If you’re currently a member of the Apple Developer Program, you or your Team Agent may need to update your account by agreeing to the latest license agreement in order to access this page.

    To view your current membership status and benefits, visit your account.”

  2. I know it’s a bit of OT but there is also some link for the updated release of Sierra 12.5 build 16F2073? this is the one compatible with Kabys… I can’t find it!

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