v2.2 released

A new and improved version of is now available.

This update is required for XCPM for unsupported Processor so make sure to use this update or you will end up with the: X86PlatformShim: failed to register pstepper error; what was the exact text again?

Edit: The text of the error is: “X86PlatformShim::start – Failed to send stepper” error. Thanks to cecekpawon for sharing it.

2 thoughts on “ v2.2 released

  1. Eeergh… I must confirm that v2.2 also didnt help me to get rid from “X86PlatformShim::start – Failed to send stepper” msg sir. I have i5 3570K ivybridge with macpro6,1 sysdef. Whats the best model to choose from your script for unsupported macpro6,1 freqVectors? Would you temporary hardcoded “Mac-F60DEB81FF30ACF6.plist” for now to locate the problems? Heres mine produced with you script, please take a look 🙂!AjxLshYT0HDugz2cbtg4_-HD0mMw

    • Thanks. That issue should be fixed in v2.3 which is available right now.

      About the best board-id. Use whatever fits your hardware best.

      About the FrequencyVectors. I imported them from the iMac17,1

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