AppleIntelInfo.kext updated to v1.2

Here is another quick update:

I updated the source code of AppleIntelInfo.kext to version 1.2 and one of the improvements is that it no longer uses /var/log/system.log but /tmp/AppleIntelInfo.dat (see

I know. This has been on my TODO list for ages, but here it is. Have fun now!


3 thoughts on “AppleIntelInfo.kext updated to v1.2

  1. Hi Piker, I have one quick question for you if I may. I have a Gigabyte H87-HD3 Motherboard and I’m using Clover with SSDT generated by your tool. No P/C states and Cpu0Ist and CpuPm dropped tables. PM seems to be working correctly (Intel Power Gadget shows a nice graph). However, AppleIntelInfo shows a decent amount of pstates after a couple of minutes, but only (8) or (34) or (39) are ever in parenthesis (which I guess means “current state”). The same shows if I actually log Intel Power Gadget… the graph is OK but the log says 800, 3400 or 3900.
    XCPM is enabled and I don’t get warnings or errors on boot. Everything seems OK. Is there something wrong? Should I care? Is it XCPM who makes difficult for tools to read current pstates correctly?

    Sorry, I forgot to mention I’m using an i7 4770 (non K)!

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