v15.8 released

I found some time to update (now version 15.8 Beta) and added initial support for the new Intel Skylake processors, including a first set of processor data, and I also added a whole bunch of Intel Broadwell processors.

If there is anything missing/not yet working, then please let me know and I will try to fix it. Thanks.

Update:  The links to the Broadwell and Skylake processor data files where broken, but are now fixed thanks to Toleda. He also caught errors in the Broadwell processor data, that I also fixed. You can now also use -t or -tdp so that is also fixed.


2 thoughts on “ v15.8 released

  1. Excellent work Pike! I just have a question, are you desktop Broadwell LFM is 500MHz? Because it seems like it’s 800MHz (at least for i5-5765C/i7-5775C, see this CPU-Z screenshot: Also, I think the MacBookPro11,4 (and 11,5 too?) board-ID is missing in Models.cfg (is Mac-06F11F11946D27C5). Shouldn’t MacBookAir7,1/MacBookAir7,2/MacBookPro12,1 be under gBroadwellModelData since they have Broadwell CPUs?

    Sorry if these are stupid questions, I’m just curious.

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