Happy 2015

Happy 2015 folks!

All the best to you and your family.

What do I want in 2015?

Health is key to me. I have witnessed it go bad and worse, twice, so health is my absolute number one priority. Other than that. A bit of luck from time to time.

I also hope that Apple comes out with something really innovative, because to be honest, I was rather disappointed with what Apple did in 2014. In short. For me there was too much of the same old stuff.

Next to that. Companies like: Asus, AsRock, Gigabyte and MSI – just to name some – should invest time and money to give us Thunderbolt 2 support, and out of the box. No hacks. It should just work. But no. Intel is betting on Thunderbolt and thus USB 3.1 – a cheaper/competing technology – is still missing in the enthusiast chipset (Z170) for Skylake.

Also. Where is that motherboard company with a real, and I mean 100%, compatible Mac motherboard? Not some hobby project (edit: from Quo computers) with outdated hardware and broken promises, but from a real company. I mean I understand that they won’t add SMC integration, but why can’t we have a motherboard with Broadcom BCM4360 integration for WiFi and Bluetooth v4.0, M2X4 slot for a Samsung XP941, proper audio chip with matching setup, and a frame buffer and Gigabit Ethernet that works out of the box? That would be a huge step forward wouldn’t it?

Another thing that I would love to see is a change of mind, because to me UEFI BIOS vendors should open up. Give people the source code, and all of it. Starting with older hardware, so that people can fix bugs and enhance their BIOS. Either that or UEFI should be ignored. Just my 2 cent.

9 thoughts on “Happy 2015

    • Thanks.

      I hope they listen because look at AsRock. Note the ridiculous conformal coating for LN2 benching, which won’t do anything for ordinary over clockers. Or that hideous “Thunderbolt Ready” logo. Something we have seen years ago on pseudo HD TV’s with fake “HD Ready” logo. And on top of that they add a signature of Nick Shih on their latest X99 motherboard. All marketing stuff, for which you pay a premium on X99 motherboards, because in the end they do nothing more than any other 100 Euro motherboard.

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