Status update / v11.0

I worked hard at home on some stuff that we need to finish before the end of next week, like flooring a hallway and work on two bedrooms. Still need to finish some carpeting today. Also need to start painting next week or I won’t make it in time. And don’t forget. I do everything in my free time. Be it with a lot of help, but I haven’t even looked at my new Dell 4K monitor. Nope. Been too busy trying to get real work done. And to give you guys an impression… this is what I am working on:
A show piece. A replica of something that my wife had seen somewhere on the Internet. Mind blowing expensive, but why would anyone reject something like that – a master bedroom with a view to kill? Nope. Not going to happen after having slept in a caravan for a couple of months. By the way. There will be only one room in our home that will be even more expensive. Our kitchen. Sorry guys. Nothing to show you yet. Just an empty void. Nothing to see there. Kitchen is ordered but it is late. Like everything else in Spain. Except for a truckload of palm trees, that were delivered eight weeks too early. Oh well. Better early than never. Which appears to happen also lately, and since I already paid them in full (with some of my Bitcoins) to help them survive the winter months, I guess we’ll have a garden before a spare bedroom for guests… guess what our caravan will be used for next week. After that it is up for sale so anyone looking for a Dethleffs Beduin 550/250 with Isabella Ambassador (dark red) and Bolon carpet (5000 Euro) can contact me per e-mail. Sold!

Let’s talk about the upcoming update of I tell you this. Version 11.0 will be totally different because this is what I have in mind for us:

Usage: ./ [-abcdfhlmptwx]
	-acpi Processor name (example: CPU0 or C000)
	-board-id (example: Mac-F60DEB81FF30ACF6)
	-cpu type [0/1/2/3]
		0 = Sandy Bridge
		1 = Ivy Bridge
		2 = Haswell
		3 = Broadwell
	-debug output [0/1/3]
		0 = no debug injection/debug output
		1 = inject debug statements in: ssdt_pr.dsl
		2 = show debug output
		3 = both
	-frequency (maximum turbo frequency)
	-help info (this)
	-list (example: Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell or Broadwell)
	-model (example: MacPro6,1)
	-processor model (example: 'E3-1285L v3')
	-tdp [11.5 - 150]
	-workarounds for Ivy Bridge [0/1/2/3]
		0 = no workarounds
		1 = inject extra (turbo) P-State at he top with maximum (turbo) frequency + 1 MHz
		2 = inject extra P-States at the bottom
		3 = both
	-xcpm mode [0/1]
		0 = XCPM mode disabled
		1 = XCPM mode enabled

However. Due to the limited amount of free time I have these days… I may have to commit broken work with updates that do not work. Meaning that you may want to wait for other people to confirm that is working for them. In short. Keep your current version and give new versions a go with a nod 😉

19 thoughts on “Status update / v11.0

    • I haven’t even done that for hack related stuff so a picture is really all that we want to share on the Internet. Don’t forget that people here have died for showing where they lived and what house they owned. I mean. We haven’t exactly been living in a caravan for fun, bought two Rottweilers for protection after stuff kept disappearing time and time again. Everything was filmed but the burglars are still free.

  1. Nice wooden floor Pike, nice room/place to dream of, something to be proud of to have. Personally I can wait a few days longer (see it by the Spanish way) to see a good script (what can be left to you). You know the most important things in live is health and family, so all I can say; “take your time”, eventually all will be fine 😉

    • Yeah you don’t see a lot of wooden floors in Spain. Ours was a gift from mom and dad who used it a couple of decades, and never varnished it. They just loved the natural look. I only washed the planks with some kind of mixture (four components) and my father did the sanding and installation (with a bit of help from me) which took him a week to complete – he used dust from the sanding and mixed it with UV resistant varnish to fill small gaps. We’ll have to wait and see what direct sunlight on it will do to it.

      Anyway. The new script is now available from my Github repository 😉

      • Okay, That’s a clever piece of work from your dad (with help from you), sound like he knows what do and it probably takes well with the sun on it. To preserve the natural look probably one of the mix ingredient is tung-oil (Chinese oil), when it dries it stay as hard top layer. Siccatief to speed the drying process causes the UV resistance of the paint slightly backward. Rule: “the more drying agent, “the worse so the paint”. Sorry!, I make it short, slightly of topic 😉

        Anyway, Pike Thank You for the new script, I will check your script tonight.

  2. Pike, good luck with your project. I know from my personal experience what kind of a nightmare it is.

    Now reports on the v11.
    From what I can see IOREG does show the P, S States are all registered and activated.

    But IPG, will not show Freq. lower then 3.40, alt-ought I can see from power usage that it does goes down to the lowest state (~9.5W). ACPMI log shows the same (Jump from 12 to 34 and up), now I don’t know if it’s ACPMI bug or what it is. Also 0xE2 still shows as 403 and C3 is 0.

    Kernel Log (Warning; very long):


  3. I have strange error with v11.2

    ssdtPRGen.command: line 3567: conditional binary operator expected
    ssdtPRGen.command: line 3567: syntax error near `-eg’
    ssdtPRGen.command: line 3567: ` if [[ $gBridgeType -eg $SANDY_BRIDGE ]];’

    Maybe it is coming from me …

  4. Hey man, I just noticed this on line 2524 in v11.5 and earlier:
    “sudo mount_hfs /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes/EFI”

    And I’m guessing you actually meant this:
    “sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes/EFI”

    But the script also outputs “mount_hfs: Invalid argument” after copying the ssdt.aml to /Extra so you might’ve already noticed this.

    Also, my bash just might be good enough to write something up to get the target disk from the diskutil list, I’ll give it a shot.

  5. Im sorry to be off topic, really, but do you have an IOreg from a MacbookPro11,1?
    Not a mackintosh one 🙂 A real one 🙂

    Sry pike, just don’t know where i can ask you else 🙂
    Thanks 🙂

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