New repository for

I have added a new repository for at

This script was originally developed by Samantha but I have added a couple of improvements myself. Give it a go and let me know what you think of it.

Thanks to omni for reminding me about this patch – I knew that I had seen it before, and skimming through some of Samantha’s blog articles helped me to locate it. A painful reminder about the loss of a talented girl. We miss you little sis. Very much indeed!

4 thoughts on “New repository for

    • Nope. is a script that makes changes to the mach_kernel so that debug output is added to /var/log/system.log instead of sending it to the serial port, and the extra output can be used to debug power management.

  1. Thanks Pike’s response
    Should I patch the kernel thought that your script would do this.
    With the way the site posted does not work, definitely something wrong

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