Haswell HDAU solution

Someone asked me if I was willing to share a screenshot that shows the HDMI (HDAU) audio in all its glory. Ok. Sure. No problem. What about this screenshot:

Haswell HDAU

This is with OS X 10.9 Developer Preview 8. Take a look at the device-id. Yup. That is one of a 8-series motherboard. Enough evidence?

And sure. This error is gone also:

Sound assertion - Command/Response TIMED OUT and ( kRequestStateMatch == fCodecRequest->state = 2 ), fCodecRequest->command->codec: 0xffffff80219b5d00, fCodecRequest->command->verb: 0xF0000, fPoweredDown: 0

In fact. All AppleHDA related errors are gone. None whatsoever left. Meaning that I have MaximumBootBeepVolume set like this:


I also set a number of other properties, which I will explain later. In a new blog article. That is. If I don’t forget about it. Like I did with this one (MaximumBootBeepVolume) so thank you to Dmitry for the friendly reminder 😉

Update 1:
Ok. One more screenshot to convince people here. And Toleda, you are one of the folks in my inner circle. You are someone I trust and thus I am willing to share this with you, in the hope that you are willing to continue your amazing work on audio/HDMI stuff!


You see. I am not a bad person. I am willing to share my work, but I won’t share files. Not now and not in the future. That is most certainly not going to change. But folks. Please respect my late sister and my family, or this will be the last thing you see from me.

This is why I want you to step up the plate and raise your voice when something like this happens again. Blow the suckers away. Do not ignore them. Fight them. I tell you this. It is people like you who are ultimately paying for their baseless comments so stop them now and for ever.

Thank you for cleaning the cruft from the crop. Our community seriously need it!

And here is one more screenshot. This time showing AppleHDAEngineOutput properties.


This shows you that it is actually working. And properly. All that we needed is someone like me who takes the time for it. I hereby also challenge everyone in our community to solve the power management problems for Haswell motherboards. Oh wait. Maybe I already have a solution for it. Oh well. Time will tell don’t you think?

p.s. I never used “npci=0x[2/3]000” – or any other kind of boot flags for that matter – and thus audio on my X79 motherboard worked from day one. Not that I use if for hacking anymore, but still. I know that it worked for all versions of OS X so I am still a bit puzzled as to why people need this boot flag to boot properly.

Update 2:

Good news folks. Toleda contacted me per e-mail and I have given him the required patch data. This means that HDMI audio should soon be available for everyone. Yah!


8 thoughts on “Haswell HDAU solution

  1. I cannot speak for the entire community, but if I could generalize a bit, half of the world’s population is below average intelligence. That fact also represents itself here, just as it would in your own neighborhood.

    There will always be people making stupid and insensitive comments in this, or any other community. Perhaps, since we are in a ‘virtual’ and ‘global’ community here, people feel a bit less constrained from making stupid comments. Regardless, however, this will always be the case no matter where you are.

    I understand, and very much sympathize with what you and your family have gone through. Nobody deserves this, and it is tough, and there are no words that can bring relief to the pain.

    My two cents worth of advise to you is to ignore, and rise above this. They will always be there. What you are able to do, shows that you are far above average intelligence, and that will result in even more comments that don’t make sense to a rational individual like yourself. If you choose not to contribute to this ‘community’, that is entirely your choice. You and your family have done perhaps more than anyone and you have no need to prove anything.

    • Thanks man. I know. I will ignore them (like the plague) and do what I do best. Have fun and laugh when they mention SheHe and other fun words. They just have no clue. None whatsoever. That and the fact that I don’t need them, or their community, gives me a free pass to do whatever I want. Like building my own house.

  2. Hello pikeralpha. Do you mean you get HD4600 audio working on Z87 mb? I have MSI z87-g41 pc mate MB but I cannot get my HDMI audio working. I tried toleda`s guide to patch my DSDT and hex edited the AppleIntelframbufferAzul but failed to make it working. Any hope to make this audio working? I have a Alc887-vd onboard sound codec and get it working with 4 lines of sound assertions but all 5 jack ports are working. Can you shed some light on get my HDMI audio working?

    • Yes, for over 40 motherboards of different vendors, with help of Toleda’s hard work. Not that it works all the time, but remember this: Nothing is guaranteed in the world of hackintosh.

      p.s. Sorry. Don’t have time to work on old hardware anymore. My focus is on Z97 boards now.

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