Here is the truth…

I like to make a statement here. I think that we need it to show you what is going on.

Ok. Some weeks ago, we, Jeroen and I were trying to solve a HDMI problem for Haswell motherboards. We worked hard and after a long hunt for the crux of the problem… we finally found it.


Then I said not to want to share this find with people who disrespect me and my family. Jeroen was OK with it and thus we shot a movie that we wanted to post on youtube. That was when something strange happened. That was when someone tried to hack Jeroens hackintosh, at the same time that we were shooting the movie for our HDMI solution. Hence us having a perfect alibi (thanks to the movie as evidence).

Now. What some of you may know is that I use a P2P anomizer (VPN). Something I worked on at school with Jeroen. Years ago. Long before I joined Google Inc. as a software developer. So we all – Jeroen, my father, my late sister and I, including six or seven other people, were all using one IP number out of a certain range (this must be why some people in the community think that we are one and the same person). Well. What can I say. It works great and we are now running a small startup business (on trial basis) with this (new) commercial product. So now even more people are starting to use these IP numbers. Surprise! surprise!

Now back to the hack. The fact is that this hack was a straight attack on a certain IP number, which we only used for hackintosh stuff. From one of our early customers. And this shows us, but more importantly the Dutch police (since Jeroen was Dutch) that it had to be someone in the community. Someone (think moderators et all) must have given out, or misused otherwise, the IP number that we were using.

Normally not a big deal. We just had a backdoor open during our testing, but what he did was wrong. Terribly wrong! Why? I tell you why. The person, and what I can tell you is that we have a letter from Dutch authorities with the identity of this person, uploaded pornographic images of naked children! So yes. We all know what is coming now. Legal action from Dutch authorities. Prosecution. Jail time for the sucker who did this.

One other thing I did not speak about is the fact that Jeroen committed suicide, not long after this event. He was sick and tired of the people in our community. That and the fact that he lost his girlfriend (Samantha) and that some of you kept on pushing him over the edge. By spreading lies about my sister. So yeah. You can now be ‘proud’ because now everyone in our community knows what kind of people you are!!!

In short: This is why I am mad as hell. This is why I won’t help anyone outside my community anymore. No thanks. I much rather die than to help brain-death people like you (you know who you are) and thus only people from the inner circle will get help. And all this thanks to some sick people in our community!

8 thoughts on “Here is the truth…

  1. I am very sad to read about this Pike. I was aware about Jeroen and I offer my sincere condolences to you all, and his family. The vindictiveness of some of the community leave a great deal to be desired.

    Suffice to say I hope those responsible will be named and shown up for what they are….

    • Thank you Tony. I know. You was one of the few that knew about it before I blogged about it. And when nobody says stop to this kind of excessive behaviour, then it can only progress and get worse. We simply have to stop it. No matter what it takes.

    • Thank you. And I understand what you are saying, but I need time and I don’t know when (if ever) I will be ready for it.

      Our new home is also taking a lot of time. Good news for us, but it is bad news for the community. I also don’t have a hack anymore. I used to use the one I gave Jeroen (I worked remote on it) and since I do not know when they will take it off-line… the future is all but clear.

  2. I also offer my condolences to Jeroen’s family. These are the kind of events that help put ones own life in perspective. There’s no reason why petty bullshit like this should even happen and yet it does. Now his family has lost their only child and you have lost a very good friend. Having lost many close people in my life the only advice I can offer is to focus on the good. You’re newly married and you have your whole life in front of you.

    I would like to thank you for all the great work that you and your family have done for the Hackintosh community. You help to make it possible for us to do this and I’ve been actively doing it since 2006.

    God Bless

  3. I am so sad to read this.
    I followed your sisters blog as well as yours regularly and you have been a massive source of inspiration.
    Whatever you decide to do, you have my best wishes and thanks. You also have my heartfelt condolences.

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