Haswell C1 Errata/Markings

Here are the known issues of the C1 stepping.

In case you want to verify what chipset stepping your Haswell motherboard is using, then use this data.

LPC device-id’s
And for the few who are still wondering if OS X 10.8.4 is Haswell ready or not… it is not. You can check this yourself by looking for any of the following device-ids.
Yup. We still need a self compiled kernel. We also still have to patch some other files, notably AppleLPC.kext (of course) but… I will not share anything else. Not until people in our community stop BEGGING for donations! To me this hobby project is nothing more than a hobby and I kindly ask you to ignore me when I start asking for donations.

Yeah. This is simply who I am. A real man. A proud guy who is willing to share his ideas and hard work. All this without ever asking for anything in return. Not that I couldn’t use the money, because I could, but I was raised as a proud member of the Alpha family where hard work and pay-checks rule. Not to mention the word “honour” because my mom and dad would go mad when I went cheap goat. NEVER EVER. I rather die working hard than ever going to ask you for money.

End of story!

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