Haswell mach_kernel patch

Here is a quick and dirty patch for the mach_kernel to let it run IvyBridge code on Haswell CPUs. This is the original assembler code:

ffffff80002a85e1 83f83a cmpl $58, %ex
ffffff80002a85e4 7505 jne 0xffffff80002a85eb
ffffff80002a85e6 bb35e8651f movl $526772277, %ebx // CPUFAMILY_INTEL_IVYBRIDGE

Which you want to patch by searching for eb0a83f83a and replace it with eb0a83f83c

4 thoughts on “Haswell mach_kernel patch

    • The idea here is that people learn something new. Like I did when I had to figure it all out myself. So good luck. I\m sure that you will tackle it, like so many other people did before you 😉

  1. dude…
    how in the shit did you figure this out?

    In all seriousness, were you just searching for random hexadecimal codes to increment? How did you arrive at this magnificent conclusion, which, works great.

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