Portable version of EFIver.py

I am working on a portable version of EFiver.py and v3.0 Beta is the first major update for this. It is committed a few minutes ago. You can grab it from the new Github beta branch.

This Beta version should work on macOS Sierra+ already, but I also want it to run on Windows and Linux. Eventually.

The next step is to solve all /tmp paths, which should be easy, and then we need to replace cpio with WinRar or 7-Zip. Or whatever. No idea what to use – I don’t even have a Windows PC.

Let me know if you have tips or ideas for me. Or other improvements.

Want to help or test this version? Great! Let me finish downloadSeed.py – a stripped down, download only version of installSeed.py – and I’ll commit it as soon as I am done with it.


10 thoughts on “Portable version of EFIver.py

  1. install on vritual box win or linux and test, and for py on win use path = r”your_path” you must use r
    and for me it best to convert py to exe on win, because win dont have default installed python, for py to exe you can use cx_freeze or pyinstaller…..

    • Hi Ruud,

      Thank you!

      For you info: I have committed an updated version of EFIver.py that calls downloadSeed.py instead of installSeed.py
      The latter is now also available from my Github repository (Beta branch only for now).

  2. For /tmp, use the tempfile module. It’s there in the standard library.
    For compressing and archiving stuff, use the zipfile module. It’s there in the standard library.

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