Build instructions for macosxbootloader

I have a simple request, but also one that we really need.

Can someone please write up clear instructions how to download, build and install all required tools – like Xcode, cctools and dependencies – for the soon to be released Xcode build versions of macosxbootloader? Note that if you can build cctool… you are on the right track 😉

A next step would be to write a script that takes care of everything.

Thank you so much!!!

16 thoughts on “Build instructions for macosxbootloader

  1. Hi,

    Am wondering if I could help with the Xcode version of macosxbootloader. I’m willing to be a guinea pig to test and give feedback. Thanks…

    • Sure thing, but you first have to setup your development tools. Or did you do that already? If yes, then please share the process (installation steps) that you had to go through.


      • I’ve got Xcode 6.1.1 installed from the App Store on my mac. On a mac is anything else needed? Aren’t the stuff in cctools already in Xcode if you get the “command line” extras? Also what is meant by “dependencies”?

        Have had my system set up for a long time and don’t have a process written up for what I’ve done so far, as it “has evolved” and I’ve no idea of all the things I’ve installed over the years – I guess I could setup a virgin Yosemite install and then install stuff from scratch to get a “process” or list of steps of things to install (once I know what is needed for the macosxbootloader) and write it up. Is that what you’re looking for?

        Can you send me the Xcode project file and anything needed for it to build and install?

        Anything else?


      • I updated the repository earlier today, as you may have noticed, and more changes will soon be committed, so it would be great if you could test the latest changes. This way I know that I didn’t break something. Or when I have to fix broken stuff. Thanks!

        A new branch will also be added. Soonish. It will include the Makefiles and pre-compiled tools for Mac oriented developers. The idea is to only have Mac required stuff there. No Windows bloat. Clean and straightforward. Understandable for everyone. No bloat whatsoever.

    • We need clear instructions for people who do not know what to do with this kind of information. This is also why I suggested to have pre-compiled copies of mtoc and nasm in the repository, but ultimately I want people to learn something, and we do that by helping them to get there where we are already. With clear instructions.

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  3. Auxiliary Tools dated 2012 not available on apple developer’s site, appreciate what you trying to do but most of us are not programer some time it takes days to figure out the fix. Thanks PK

    • Are you looking for PackageMaker? In that case you are one step ahead of what we here are trying to accomplice. We first need to know if the clang compiled 32-bit macosxbootlader is working or not. This is also why scripts to make a package/install and bless boot.efi is missing.

  4. Hi, I just followed the instruction regarding how to install sox 10.10 on 1,1 mac pro and it was link how to get Auxiliary Tools dated 2012 I think it is one of the requirements so what is next
    Thank you so much for your help especially the teaching part.

    • You should only need Xcode 6 because the tools are included (see tools directory). I even have a test setup without the Auxiliary Tools installed and compiling finishes without errors.

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