New style of AppleHDA.kext patching for Yosemite

In Januari I blogged about a New style of AppleHDA.kext patching (take III) for Mavericks, and today I changed for Yosemite – tested with 14A261i.

Download v2.8 is now available for download and here is a one liner how-to:

curl -o


Please report bugs here:
Not here. Thank you!


HDMI audio is not yet functional, but I am working on a new update that should, hopefully, eliminate manual patching altogether. At least for people who use my script. And you know what. It may even be better than what Clover offers today, because with Clover you still need to know the exact data pattern that you want to alter. Not something you should have to deal with, with every OS update, and that is why I like to introduce something new. Something so simple that it makes me wonder why nobody, including me, ever thought about it.

30 thoughts on “New style of AppleHDA.kext patching for Yosemite

      • I mean put in your codes for VT2021!!!!
        List of sound card:
        [1] Realtek ALC 885 (0x10EC0885 / 283904133)
        [2] Realtek ALC 887 (0x10EC0887 / 283904135)
        [3] Realtek ALC 888 (0x10EC0888 / 283904136)
        [4] Realtek ALC 889 (0x10EC0889 / 283904137)
        [5] Realtek ALC 892 (0x10EC0892 / 283904146)
        [6] Realtek ALC 898 (0x10EC0899 / 283904153)
        [7] Realtek ALC 1150 (0x10EC0900 / 283904256)

  1. Dunno, my patches in Clover’s kextpatcher for Series 8 HDMI still work ever since 10.8.4 – we are at 10.9.4 today, I haven’t lifted a finger.

    • Your patches? I mean let’s be fair shall we. You only changed a jump address after I figured out what had to be changed (see forum posts over at forum posts) and now you claim it is yours? Sorry bro but that sucks. This is also why I wonder why I would share my latest research, because I wont help people like you to claim another victory over the back of my hard labor. No way!

      • I haven’t changed jump addresses, in fact I’ve changed controller IDs. I do admit that you were first to discover what was causing the controller to be rejected, but let’s not say that these are not *my* patches, because I’ve studies the sequence myself and determined that check sequence can be fooled – thus I’ve made my own the patches to do so, which mind you never changed, opposed to your jump patches. If you still think that you are the man behind everything, well, you are obviously wrong.

      • Dmitry,

        Thank you for sharing this information. Refreshing my memory, and I apologise for my bad manners. I was confused. I thought that you where someone else. You are right. This should still work. I’m aware of it. Thanks!

  2. @crushers1982
    You can simply get the necessary files and add the kext generated by script, that would be: LayoutIDxxx.xm.zlib, Platform.xml.zlib and others which you must imagine what are.

  3. Hi, Pikes
    I know ur a really great person and your work is absolutely Great no doubt but my question is can u do somthing for us the people with STAC9200 Codec there are so many people they are patching applehda but none of them is interested to do somthing for us well i personally feel very helpless

    That,s ALL

    Thank,s for ur good work

  4. ALC892 / Clover Injection Layout ID 1 – OS X 10.9.4 AppleHDA – Ups? i cant figure out whats the reason. None of new style bin patches (your one included) cant handle my 892.

  5. I gave this a shot on Yosemite DP2. It all runs OK but when booting AppleHDA doesn’t load. I repair permissions, rebuild kextcache, still nothing. I do kext-dev-mode=1 and then I get a black screen on boot.

    I use 10.9.3 when asked.

    Have a similar problem when doing Clover patching per Toleda.

    I can get sound work using Mirone’s kext on IM

    Just FYI

    Asus Sabertooth X79 – 4930k – BIOS 4701 – ALC892

  6. Is there a way to restore ACPI tables?
    I ran this script successfully but it did not work after reboot, so i wanted to repatch and choose layout Id 4 this time instead of 1 to see if that worked but script told me:
    Error: ACPI Device (HDEF) {} NOT found!
    ACPI tables appear to be broken and require (manual) patching!
    Aborting …

    so i tried,
    –restoring original AppleHDA.kext in S*/L*/E
    –deleting AppleHDA889.kext from extensions

    but script still gave same error.
    Any hope for me here or i have to reinstall the OS?

    10.10 DP1 (14A238x)

    • Apple no longer includes all ACPI tables in the ioreg output so we have to find another solution. The good news is that I may have found one already, but I have no time to do any testing. Not before I finish some of the other things that I am working on.

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  9. Hi this is Ashish Mankar
    Installed Hackintosh Mavericks and el capitan on my system. I have alc892 audio. Audio is working but sound crackling and diminishes after 1 or 2 minute , I have tried multi beast , and all available kext but problem not solved.
    Please help me to get steady sound
    Thank u

    • Ashish,

      Sorry, but I am not the right person to help you with this. I have plenty hobby related projects myself that I need to finish, but I can’t seem to find the time for it. Please visit some hack related forum and ask for help there. Oh and don’t forget to give them all specs of your setup!

      Good luck!

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