Sharing Code Snippets at GithubGist…

Sometimes something bad has to happen before you realise that something need to change. It’s stupid. I know. But for me that light bulb moment came after my last drive failure. You know. Losing stuff is such a waste of time and energy, so let me introduce you to my new GithubGist where I will share code snippets. So that nothing gets lost anymore.

It’s only two four for now, but more goodies are on its way to you.

Happy hacking!

10 thoughts on “Sharing Code Snippets at GithubGist…

  1. Greetings, I guess you should be super busy but I was going to ask you something I know will make it very useful for the Hackintosh community. It would be possible to create a small script to extract the HFSPLUS.EFI file from the Mac OS firmware to the desktop. To always have the most updated version possible.

    • Hi,

      Yes. I like that. In fact. This is a good idea for a new Gist. I have a rather slow bash script for this, but I will write a new one in Python later today. Should be fun.

      Thank you for this idea!

      Edit: Sorry for the delay but I was busy with something else. Can you please add a public link to the HfsPlus driver that you are using right now?

  2. Thanks for the interest. Today the biggest problem is that many parts of the island there is still no electricity. Tesla is helping hospitals. cellular services are slowly being restored and I’m not sure if it’s Google’s help, I guess so. But the lack of water is the saddest thing. There are parts of the island that it seems that the hurricane was yesterday, in the central mountain range the towns make you want to cry. I live in the north, on the coast and my city was not so affected and with everything and that was 18 days without light.

    • Hi Man,

      Good to hear that you live in the north. Still. It’s rather disturbing to hear about the lack of water.

      I remember that I went through the water pipe here, and using bottled water for just two days seemed like eternity. And my wife and I got annoyed that we didn’t have electricity – for a couple of hours mind you – and at that time we installed our first Tesla Powerwall. One of four now. To replace an ancient UPS with a ton of batteries. Still. It’s difficult to just imagine what it must be for people in affected areas. Respect!

      • if it is true, I get in a bad mood and a lot of anxiety when I do not have electric power. I would like to buy a solar system, maybe at some time in the future. I am in charge of my parents who are two elderly people and I am very concerned that they can not have their medications refrigerated.

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