Where are the i7-8800(K) processors?

So far I have seen over fifteen motherboards, from various brands, with the Intel Z-370 chipset, but not one of them is what I need. No. Sorry about this, but I want a motherboard without old tech on it. And two of the things I certainly don’t want to see on my next motherboard is:

1.) A D-SUB (DE-9) VGA connector.
2.) PS/2 connectors.

USB 3.1 Gen 2

What I need is proper USB 3.1 Gen 2 support. Not the slower USB 3.1 Gen 1 counterpart. I would also like to see at least two type C ports. Possibly four of them.

Note: the Z-370 chipset only supports USB 3.1 Gen 1. As in. Vendors will have to make use of the Asmedia chip for full Gen 2 support.


Grr. This is depressing. Why is there no Thunderbolt support on the new motherboards? Not even on motherboards with a price tag of (well) over 400 euro. With stupid names like “godlike gaming“. To me the only ‘god like’ part is the price tag. Complete madness. It’s not even the fastest motherboard.

Display Port

I also want at least one DP port.


Motherboards with one or more HDMI connectors should at least support 2.0. HDMI 1.4 is no longer good enough.

And what’s up with all the plastic (covers) and added LED (strips) on so-called “pro” motherboards?

More importantly. Intel did release the Coffee Lake S/K processors, but it has no real answer, yet, that can compete one-to-one with the AMD Ryzen. Still not.

But hold on. Did you ever wonder why there is no Intel i7-8800(K)?

There may be a good reason for this. Maybe it needs a new chipset. The Z-390 that will become available some time next year, and maybe then we will get to see Intel’s answer to AMD Ryzen. We know that the Intel 8 core/16 threads Coffee Lake models are in the pipe line, but on which chipset they will be supported… I don’t know. But one thing is for sure. It’s just a matter of time that the 8-Core Coffee Lake will be released. I can’t wait, and thus I will skip the current/new motherboards with Z-370 chipset, because it’s not what I need.

Note: while I used “i7-8800(K)”, that may well become “i9-8800(K)” next year.

p.s. The CPUID for the 8-core Coffee Lake processors is: 0x906EC

Edit: The Asus ROG STRIX boards tick a lot of the boxes, but not all of them. This midrange board is sold with a premium, for no apparent reason. With working Thunderbolt 3 it would have been almost perfect. Except maybe for the lock bit-15 on MSR(0xE2). But hey. What else is new.


19 thoughts on “Where are the i7-8800(K) processors?

  1. Coffee Lake already renders Ryzen (a Broadwell level technology) obsolete since it matches multi threading performance and outperforms easily with single threads, while using less cores and still packing a iGPU co processor. Throwing more cores to the problem is the “easy” part, while improving IPC and achieving higher clocks with aceptable thermals isn’t. Just ask Apple with their dual core iPhones. The real answer from AMD will be their 7nm processors.

      • The benchmarks that I have seen actually show that the i7-8700k slightly outperforms Ryzen with some compilation and build tasks. The fact that Intel is able to accomplish this with less cores is impressive.

      • Hi Pikeralpha, we might share a dream: I am also hoping for an 8 core i7-8800(K) CPU with LGA1151 socket to flow out the pipeline. And Shuttle coming up with a successor to its XPC Cube SZ270R8 with a Z370 or better chipset that will support this CPU. This would be a neat combo to build myself a powerful, yet affordable, VMware system to replace my current i7-980X based system (which was a bit too expensive back in 2011 …). Do you (or anyone reading this) really think (or know) Intel is working on such a CPU?

  2. D-Sub – serial port? That is sometimes useful. I use it for kprintf from MacOS. But I could use FireWire for that instead.

    Thunderbolt: If the motherboard has a Thunderbolt port, then make sure it takes two DisplayPorts from the CPU to support 5K or 4Kx2. I would rather a motherboard didn’t have Thunderbolt because it’s a waste of 4 PCIe lanes if you can only use Intel graphics with it. Instead, a Thunderbolt 3 add-in card allows DisplayPort inputs from any graphics. Get an add-in card with two DisplayPort inputs.

    USB 3.1 Gen 2: Thunderbolt provides that but only two ports. Two Thunderbolt add-in cards would give 4, but the BIOS won’t enable a second add-in card. Maybe there’s a way to workaround that by discovering how the first add-in card is enabled. Instead of adding USB 3.1 Gen 2, add a PCIe slot so that you can choose the USB 3.1 Gen 2 chip, and upgrade it to USB 3.1 Gen 3 or whatever in the future. This assumes you don’t want a mini ITX motherboard.

    DisplayPort: This would come from Intel graphics. Nothing wrong with that if you want the option to work without a graphics card or for testing purposes.

    HDMI: I would rather not waste one of the Intel graphics DisplayPort outputs on HDMI, since there’s no way to convert HDMI 2.0 to DisplayPort 1.2. Instead, all the Intel graphics outputs should be DisplayPort only (doesn’t matter if it’s DisplayPort, mini-DisplayPort, USB-C with DisplayPort alt mode, or Thunderbolt). HDMI 2.0 can be added with an active adapter. HDMI 1.4 can be added with a passive adapter.

    Since Coffee Lake supports three displays, there should be three DisplayPort outputs. If two are used by Thunderbolt 3, then you can have one output directly connected to Intel graphics. The Thunderbolt chip has a DisplayPort output that is separate from the USB-C ports which allows you to use a USB device on a Thunderbolt port without blocking access to one of the DisplayPorts. Two DisplayPort inputs to Thunderbolt 3 can be output from any two of Thunderbolt DisplayPort port (DisplayPort or HDMI 1.4), Thunderbolt port 1 (Thunderbolt or DisplayPort or HDMI 1.4), Thunderbolt port 2 (Thunderbolt or DisplayPort or HDMI 1.4). Or you can output two DisplayPort streams through either one of the Thunderbolt ports (Thunderbolt only).

    • D-Sub: VGA connector.

      DisplayPort: I normally only use the IGPU so that’s correct.

      HDMI: I myself don’t need it, but anything is better that the stupid old VGA connector.

      For the rest: you pretty much nailed it 😉

      • I agree. Definitely don’t want VGA. Everything should be DisplayPort which can be converted to anything else with inexpensive adapters.

        I think motherboard manufacturers add those obsolete connectors just so they can check items off a list. They don’t think about how they are limiting the capabilities and removing your ability to choose when your choice is to use more than one display.

  3. Also annoyed at the lack of Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt is absolutely critical to my ecosystem (professional video.) On my X99-E WS I can’t have my Thunderbolt AIC installed with two graphics cards because the OS will not boot with “Above 4G Decoding” enabled. It seems like Thunderbolt drivers need to be rewritten to work properly with hackintosh, which is a bummer, because I don’t feel like anyone wants to. I think many of us would pay to have hotswap and properly working thunderbolt.

    • Hotswap is not necessary. I would settle for any method that would rescan the Thunderbolt bus, whether it be automatic or manual. So for a Hackintosh, if we had an app to do that, then that would be enough. Google opensource.apple.com for Thunderbolt. IOPCIConfigurator.cpp might be useful. For automatic rescan, I guess you would need to know what GPIO Apple uses for it’s Thunderbolt chip(s) and compare that to what is used on your Hackintosh. Then make the Hackintosh do what is needed for Apple’s Thunderbolt driver.

      • Possibly another way to do automatic rescan, if you don’t have an interrupt source such as GPIO, is to poll the downstream port or a PCIe device of each Thunderbolt port every few seconds to see if it still exists. It would probably have to poll faster than you can disconnect and reconnect a Thunderbolt device.

    • The Gigabyte X99 Designare works with 2x 1080 Ti + a single integrated TB3 port in the rear without 4G Decoding.

      You can also use dual GPUs, plus a 2-port TB3 card, plus the integrated TB3 port. I’m waiting for the X299 Designare in the hopes they keep the same capabilities on board.

      As for Z370 boards (or boards in general), it makes me want to try doing what Quo did and get a large enough pool of funds to get GB, ASUS, or ASRock to build a board to my own specs. Pike, you up for that? 😉

      • Asus won’t help you. GigaByte already did it, but perhaps MSI is also an option.

        The main problem is the lack of a real SMC implementation. Nobody dares to do that. And what about the lack of UEFI BIOS source code? They said to share stuff for the Quo board, but as far as I know, that didn’t happen. Or did it?

  4. Yes, I don’t think anyone wants to legally tangle with real SMC, but Clover/Revo works well enough if not ideal.

    No, I do not think Quo/Ozmosis group ever opened up their source code.

    Still, if we had a large enough pool of buyers, then one could at least bring a board into existence that has well-supported codecs, LAN, WiFi/BT, rational video outputs, and move TB3 onboard.

  5. Hi piker, time to buy new motherboard and cpu finally.. and the endless question unfortunately… what do you think i should get to insure no more problem with power management for 10.11 or 10.13 and future osx so the new motherboard and cpu have out of the box compatibilite.

    Right now i have 3939k cpu and sabertooth x79 that i hate cause of the mini fan noise when the cpu need to work etc and i literally cant take that hell anymore so im changing these 2 parts and keeping the rest of my pc.
    It would even be nice to have the new m.2 connector on the new motherboard but anyways im so desperate to change these 2 parts now that i dont even wanna wait for christmas sale to buy these them..
    so please tell me what do you think i should get.. i usually use my pc for simple broswing etc no editing but i do like power when i need it if sometimes there is time for some game playing like far cry 4 etc or other heavy gaming..
    maybe my 3930k is slow now for the new osx or future osx but its sure as hell not cool anymore like it used to be when i first got it even thought i never overclocked since i got it 2013, or energi efficient like these new cpus out there now.. anyways it would be nice to get something as good as my current cpu but also not that expensive.. if that is even possible, thanks for your help dr Piker.

  6. Thank you for blogging on this. so much here that i relate to. now with the spectre meltdown issue it may be even pushed back further. How come the ASUS ThunderboltEX 3 pci card cant be utitlized in older asus motherboards with a bios update? The uad Arrow looks real nice. i have been waiting for years for thunderbolt to be liberated. really for the studio pc to be. i guess theres always windows but…. so much i like on osx… almost about to settle for 8700k if i can figure out a way to get TH3 working with it.

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