Happy Anniversary…

More than ten years ago I worked on code for VirtualBox. To get OS X 10.5 (codename Leopard) installed on it. And I can happily claim that I was the very first person to do it. That also triggered my attention to OS X.

At that time I left the Ubuntu developer community and started to work for Google Inc. And now. Ten years later. I’m still here. And I became the person who I am. A man now. A father of two great children. The husband of my beautiful wife. People who I love to pieces.

And you know what. Nobody expected me to stay this long. Many thought that I was somebody else. Because I helped my father and later my sister. As a sidekick – first public appearance as a hacker in 2012 and I started to blog in 2013. Boy what a joy that was. Fond memories.

Anyway. Even I thought that I won’t change jobs. Not ever. That is. Until I was asked for a job interview in the US of A. So I went. I listened. Got the offer for a great job, but I declined the offer.

Not that I didn’t like it, because I did, but I promised my mom to carry on her work. As a Doctor. To help people in need. Yeah mom. I made you that promise, and I am a man of my word, so I will do that. Happily.

This is also the reason why you see me using my title (Dr.) for the very first time, here, and in my scripts, and other source code. Something I have refuses to do for many years. Simply because this is not my day job.

Now what?

I am happy to announce that I am set to retire at Google next year, and do something completely different. This was a very difficult decision, and that was why, in part, we went off sailing this summer.

Also. You must have noticed that some of your comments got approved, some time before the actually reply. And you know what. There is a simple explanation for it. The approval is actually done by someone else. My very own sidekick (my wife Angélica who is working as one of the hosts in our hotel in Spain).

In other words. We will carry on with the legacy of Master Chief (Pike’s father) and Revogirl (Pike’s late sister). For as long as possible.

What about you? Will you be here up for another decade?

Thank you!


10 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary…

  1. I didn’t know you were a doctor too. That’s very impressive. Your working in healthcare as well? How do you manage? I also have a doctorate. Rather work on tech than in healthcare myself..

  2. Congrats Dr. P. 🙂 I’ve only been in hacking ohs for a year but i’m Very great full for your work and the other REAL coders and hackers out there, for me it’s a copy and paste job, i’m Learning as i go but i’m a creative and use Apple Macs for my music and video creations, without which I’d have to use Windblows… so will i be here in another 10 years, who knows, i will follow your blog for the foreseeable future at least and try and hack my new hardware so it fits in with my intended purpose.

    Thanks again!

  3. Great post. It’s good to recognize these milestones. I’ve been in the OSx86 community for about the same amount of time and remember your dad and knew about your sister’s great contributions to the community. Tech is not my day job either. I’m a real estate/land development attorney in Southern California. Hacking is akin to jigsaw puzzles to me. Only when I’m done with a hack, I have a working computer and not just a picture with lots of lines and cuts running through it. I enjoy reading your blog and have never posted before. I’ll go back to lurking now. Thanks.

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