v3.5 released

The previous version of (v3.3) failed with todays beta release of macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 build 17B25c, but this problem is already resolved in v3.4 v3.5 is now available from my Github repository. Yes indeed. We’re at v3.5 already – couple of error checks added 😉

8 thoughts on “ v3.5 released

  1. v3.5 returns the following error in OS X 10.9.5:

    File “/Users/«this_user»/bin/”, line 159, in selectLanguage
    languageCode = NSLocale.languageCode(locale)
    AttributeError: No attribute languageCode

    In OS X 10.9.5, /usr/bin/python is Python 2.7.5, in case the attributes of NSLocale vary by Python version.

    I didn’t try any earlier version of

    • Yeah that sucks. I know.

      Note: There are two lines in the script, in that routine, that are only supported by macOS 10.12+
      Thing is. I could’t find a reliable way to get the system locale. I always got this stupid “UTF-8” instead of something useful.

      • I’m not a Python expert, but perhaps the first five lines of selectLanguage() could be replaced by these three assignments:

        localeIdentifier = subprocess.check_output([‘osascript’, ‘-e’, ‘user locale of (get system info)’]).rstrip(‘\n’)
        languageCode = localeIdentifier[0:2]
        id = languageCode

      • It seems as though the supplied functions are buggy (see, and you’d noted that they only work on Sierra or higher. Making use of osascript works at least as far back as Mavericks, and perhaps on older versions of OS X also.

        If you still prefer to use the NSLocale functions, at least check the running OS to display an “unsupported OS” message if someone tries to run on El Capitan or older.

      • Yeah that was one of the many reasons that I use NSLocale. And I will get it sorted. Hopefully sooner than later but first things first – release v1.5 after a couple more test runs.

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