When Not To Share Something…

Last Friday – 8 September 2017 – I got tipped about an upcoming GM. This was many hours before the links to the GM seeds of iOS 11 were leaked, elsewhere. I even started to work on a blog article, which I shared shortly, by accidentally, but it was quickly removed after someone (Tony Arnold) commented on it; I seem to have clicked on the ‘Publish‘ button when I wanted to ‘Preview‘ my work.

Then. A few minutes later. I got word about the details and magnitude of the leak – the kind of information that people may find in the iOS GM – and as a result, what it would mean to the Apple September 12 event – in my view it spoils all the fun of watching the keynote. And you know what. My gut feeling told me not to share this, and that was why I kindly declined the offer.

Please note that the initial blog article was written, mainly, for the High Sierra GM and we all have to wait until Apple gives it the green light. Officially.

I strongly believe that registered developers, people who signed the Apple None Disclosure Agreement, which I did not mind you, should not share details from Beta software. Not even from so called ‘public’ servers, because what counts here, is your NDA agreement!

p.s. I didn’t even download any of the files!


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