Price of Intel Xeon W with 14 and 18 Cores…

Intel recently released the Xeon W processor line with the following price tags:

Intel® Xeon® W-2155 $1440
Intel® Xeon® W-2145 $1113
Intel® Xeon® W-2135 $835
Intel® Xeon® W-2133 $617
Intel® Xeon® W-2125 $444
Intel® Xeon® W-2123 $294

But the processors with fourteen and eighteen cores will only be released in Q4 and thus their price is still unknown. But are they? I mean. Come on. Have a look at the Intel processor price list. Take a look at these:

E5-2650 v4 $1445
E5-1660 v4 $1113
E5-1650 v4 $617
E5-2623 v3 $444
E5-1620 v4 $294

Do you see what happened there? Well. In that case you probably come to the same conclusion for these two:

Intel® Xeon® W-2195 $2424 (same as E5-2695 v4)
Intel® Xeon® W-2175 $1846 (same as E5-2683 v4)

Both guesstimates, but one thing is for sure, and that is that they will be bloody expensive. Man. AMD must be partying all day long…

Edit: The price of the Intel® Xeon® W-2195 is even higher. A whopping $2553
The price of the Intel® Xeon® W-2175 will probably be closer to $1950. The latter is based on the per-core price.

2 thoughts on “Price of Intel Xeon W with 14 and 18 Cores…

    • You know me. I have no use for them. For me the CannonLake i7-8800(K) is more than enough. Still. I like to put them on my test bench and see what people get for their money.

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