iMac Pro comes with Xeon W Processor…

The wait is over. Intel today formally released the Xeon W processors and here are the two known processors that will be used in the new iMac Pro:

Intel Xeon W-2140B @ 3.2GHz ( 8 cores and 16 threads)
Intel Xeon W-2150B @ 3.0GHz (10 cores and 20 threads)

Edit: Processor models updated. Based on the Geekbench Compute results that I found.

The processors requires a C422 chipset for full support. Just like I said back in June. I also like what Intel did – they basically renamed the E5-1600 series. Now people know what a workstation processor is, but the Intel product specifications however still mentions: “Vertical Segment Server” and that is confusing.

Edit: There are no power management resource plists for the Xeon W processors, not even in DP-8. That also means, probably, that the board-id that I used back in June, is wrong. I think that we will find a new one some day soon.

Note: The references to Purley in the firmware were a bit puzzling, but they seem to share the same Intel source code.

Yah! Gigabyte said to provide me with a motherboard for this processor line, and Intel will ship two processors next Monday!

14 thoughts on “iMac Pro comes with Xeon W Processor…

    • The one that Apple used for their WWDC showcase iMac Pro was 0x050652 (B-0 stepping) and 0x050654 (for the H-0 stepping). Newer processors are 0x050656 and 0x050658 but that information is still pretty much confidential. And so are the benchmark results.

      • Thanks. I wanted a high core CPU that supported ECC memory. For this build, I’m going to try out the AMD threadripper 16 core with the Asrock x399 MB that supports ECC.

      • Got it built. CoolerMaster MasterCase Pro 5. Asrock X399 Professional Gaming MB, 64GB ECC Kingston ram (16gb x 4), Samsung 960 Pro 500 GB SSD, m.2 interface. I splurged and also got the 4 TB SSD SATA3 for my media files. Seasonic Prime Titanium 850W power supply, ASUS ROG-STRIX-GTX1080Ti 11GB video card, NZXT Kraken X52 all in one water cooler for the 16 core threadripper.

        I needed a new rig for 4K video editing, my 4 year old 4 core intel processor and 770 graphics card was just too slow. So far, this machine screams and eats up 4K video without breaking a sweat.

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