The Geekbench’s Mac Benchmark Chart Is Pretty Much Useless…

The results of the Mac Benchmark Chart is stripped. Much of the important data is removed (from user submitted results). There is no information about the installed Operating System, Processor ID, Motherboard, BIOS and Memory. But you need to have this data, otherwise the results are completely useless. Just look at it:

What does that tell me? Nothing! Without the missing details, that could even be a coffee grinder. That’s how much I value it. Now it is meaningless, but it could have been so much better. For example. There should at least be one reference (link) to a user submitted Geekbench result where all data is visible. If not all of the used results. Also. You cannot compare one (Mac) result with another. And what about graphics?

Also. When you visit Mac Benchmark Chart and click on one of the links in the chart, then click on another link, then you’ll find that all links are broken. Look here:

This is what I get right now. Not good.

Well. I don’t know about you, but for now, I am going to ditch the and look for something better. A tool / website that does not hide significant details. Stuff that is uploaded by users, and then get ripped out of the results.

Ehm. No. I have no idea why Geekbench does this. I’m sure that the links will get fixed. Sooner or later. But we can only hope that the Mac chart will be improved and made meaningful again.

Edit: I don’t have access to my e-mail and can’t contact Geekbench right now, but someone (else) should at least inform them about the broken links. Thank you!

Update: Good news. The broken links are now fixed. Now, please, add references. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “The Geekbench’s Mac Benchmark Chart Is Pretty Much Useless…

  1. I think its a problem, beside missing inmformations, geekbench has since hackintoshs % results mixed up real Mac results.
    Even there are some informations geekbench cant make any real Mac Bench Chart because they dont know (without some checks) if its an real MacPro 5,1 or an hackintosh.
    They could know if they compare available real Mac CPU setups or check other details but that help not real.
    I would suggest they make an Option “hackintosh” before submit results and put those results extra in in hackintosh bench chart. ALso the mac benches would be cleared up with lots of hackintosh results – over the time.
    So its not only an not good implemented bench chart / bech database its also an real problem with lots of hackintosh results which destroys the real Mac results averadge totaly.

    • Yeah you have a point there. The hackintosh results are a pain for me as well.

      You know. Geekbench could easily check if FakeSMC.kext is loaded, and all MacBook Pro’s starting from 2016 have a security enclave (co-processor). The new iMac Pro as well, so if that isn’t there, then add a note to indicate that said result came from a Hackintosh.

  2. Yep. I remember there was a time, 2-3 years ago, they put an message in the submit dialog window please NOT upload any hackintosh results. But they give up …
    I think they could really do the check like you said (fakesmc? > hackintosh!), or simple give hackintosh users an checkbox “hackintosh” so that submitted results are saved & computed in an extra hackintosh database.
    Would be interesting how much “Mac” results are by hackintosh. MacPro3,1,.. i think there as an high % of hackintosh because MacPro in compare with Macbook/pro/iMac are sold much, much less than any other Mac.

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