Why do I love sailing?

Phew. Let’s take a shower… A breathtaking picture coming up…

Image of Clipper race sailboat taking a nosedive into a wave

What a picture! Yeah. This kind of shots make my day. All year long.

But this shot also reminds me about something that I’d rather like to forget; I lost my first sailboat at a young age. Which sunk when I did something stupid. A reminder that we like to come home without issues. Safe and sound. Anyway. We’re slowly on our way back to Rio and now I will need to spent some time with the kids. I’m also getting hungry. Wait! Pasta again?

p.s. I know. Just Google it 😉

Edit: Oops. Now I get it. I told my friend, the one who posted the article – since I cannot do this from sea – to add an alt tag, but I forgot that you also should use a title tag as well. Ok. Fixed!


4 thoughts on “Why do I love sailing?

    • Exactly! Good job Mirone!

      By the way. I used this particular shot after we made our first nose dip. Which was a bit of a shocker. You know. These guys are prepared and used to it. I’m not LOL

      Actually. The picture that you linked to is much much cleaner. And now that I looked at it; our little nose dip wasn’t THAT bad! Luckily.

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