Script to install macOS High Sierra DP-4 (17A315i)

I wrote a new handy script ( to install macOS High Sierra Beta DP-4 .

The installer.pkg created by the script will simulate the App Store download and installation method, and all you have to do is:

1.) Run script
2.) Reboot

Notes: I have yet to try this script myself. I ran the script myself and got a nasty surprise – the target HFS volume was converted to APFS.

Edit: The (blue) checkbox in the installer, the one that enabled us to skip the conversion of our HFS volumes to APFS, is now gone. This is why I have updated the scripts (environment variable __APFS_OPTOUT added to skip the conversion) but this may not be enough. Please confirm.

Please note that the App downloads files to: /Library/Updates but the script uses: /tmp/091-* and all the downloaded files will be gone after a reboot, and thus you may want to make a backup of the files!

I also wrote a handy script ( to update macOS Beta DP3 to DP4.


4 thoughts on “Script to install macOS High Sierra DP-4 (17A315i)

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  2. Hi there. Attempted to use the script to upgrade a machine to High Sierra, but upon reboot the installation does not begin. All signs point to the script functioning normally, but when it’s finished and I reboot, the installer does not kick off. Any thoughts?

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