SIP (System Integrity Protection) changes for High Sierra…

SIP (System Integrity Protection) in High Sierra has changed (extended).

I’m not going into much detail here, but you can take a look at the updated csrstat command line tool that I wrote earlier.

FYI: I implemented functional SIP support in bootloaders like RevoBoot, Chameleon/Enoch and the macosxbootloader. This a full month before anyone else wrote about it. After that I also shared my findings with Clover devs and Clover end-users so that they could set the correct values in their Clover.plist

I kept following the changes that Apple made, and figured out the meaning of CSR_ALLOW_DEVICE_CONFIGURATION and other important bits.

In fact. If I don’t blog about SIP changes, then they stay unnoticed. It seems. Seriously. Go Google for it 😉

p.s. I was made aware of a link in Chameleon/Enoch that shouldn’t be there, but that is not fair. Remember this guys. It was Pike who helped you with this, and nobody else!

2 thoughts on “SIP (System Integrity Protection) changes for High Sierra…

  1. That’s why it doesn’t allow me to use AppleHDA.kext with pin configuration edited for my chip with full SIP enabled. Device configuration is not allowed with SIP in this version. Piker, please work on solution.

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