Script to install macOS High Sierra DP-3 (17A306f)

I wrote a new handy script ( to install macOS High Sierra Beta DP-3 (the DeveloperSeed and BetaSeed use the same Apple download links).

The installer.pkg created by the script will simulate the App Store download and installation method and all you have to do is:

1.) Run script
2.) Launch installer.pkg
3.) Reboot

This procedure installed macOS High Sierra Beta DP-3 over a previously installed (broken) copy of macOS High Sierra DP-1. Worked for me. Please confirm.

Please note that the App downloads files to: /Library/Updates but the script uses: /tmp/ The files will be gone after a reboot, and thus you may want to make a backup of the files!

I also wrote a handy script ( to update macOS Beta DP2-1 to DP3.

p.s. I don’t need to use the scripts to get macOS High Sierra Beta DP-3 installed because the installer from the App Store works as well.


19 thoughts on “Script to install macOS High Sierra DP-3 (17A306f)

    • The SSD that I used for testing is no longer working reliable. I am trying to copy the files that I need from it, but I keep getting errors. This was a replacement from OCZ, but it’s no good either. The Samsungs drives keep working so I guess it’s time to say goodbye to OCZ. I’m done with them.

      • Hello my Friend Piker.. Can not you now at the Hackintosh or the Mac work and create a new script for the Dev.Beta4 ? Do you have any other working SSD as a replacement ?

      • No shops at sea – we are currently sailing at the cape of good hope – and thus I cannot download anything, since that would be slow and too expensive, but the script is there.

  1. Hello Piker do you live in South Africa or do you go sailing there? Is nevertheless ok and you should indeed during the vacation you recover from the work stress and not scripts write. When you are back home, you can work on it. As you write you have the script already finished in your head. Then I wish you a nice sailing trip and hopefully no mast break.

    • Yes. The script is there already, but we may want to remove the checksum check. I don’t think that this is the right way of doing it. Please check: /var/log/install.log for if it fails.

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