Lilu.kext v1.4 load issues…

I am totally new to Lilu.kext and ran into load problems with it and thus I filed a new Github issue here. Anyone reading this who knows how I can resolve this problem?

I use the IntelGraphicsFixup.kext plugin (with -igfxbeta) and inject kexts with RevoBoot – injection of my AppleNVMEFamily.kext works with High Sierra so that should be fine.


Edit: I located the problem – Lilu.kext disables itself when it finds boot argument -s.

12 thoughts on “Lilu.kext v1.4 load issues…

  1. What could we do with Haswell and Z87 Pike? You’ll continue to develop ssdtgen script? Because to be able to boot HS, i had to Drop MATS Tables. 😦

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