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iMac18,n with Xeon E3-1285 v6 Processor…


Good news folks. I am told, by a little bird, that the next iMac (to be released in late October) will be available with (up to) Intel E3-1285 v6 processor with 16 GB (upgradable to 32 or 64 GB) ECC memory. Faster NVMe SSD’s possibly up to 2 TB and AMD graphics to support VR and Pro apps. Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C gen 2 with… tada… a brand new keyboard.

Apple is also working on a 8K display for the next generation of Mac Pro’s, which by the way will be much more like a PC with the next generation EFI BIOS.

p.s. The next version of macOS won’t use a mountain/park name anymore. Two names in the running. One starts with a Mmmm.

Aha. The next Mac mini won’t be so mini anymore. Well. The top model that is.

@Craig: Don’t forget the joke at WWDC 🙂

P.s. I’ll be there as well so ping me to meet me there 🙂

Note: my little bird is usually pretty accurate, but some of it should be handled with care/scepticism until new Apple hardware arrives!

Update from WWDC17: Ok. Most of the data was pretty accurate, but the amount of memory and storage was a bit off due to the fact that the “normal” iMac comes with less memory and a smaller SSD than the iMac Pro. Fact is. OWC confirmed that you can upgrade the 27-inch iMac to 64 GB with four 16 GB modules.

Also. I never received the exact processor model, only that it was a yet to be released Xeon model, and it turns out (after WWDC17) that I mixed the thread and core count. I should have looked for an eight core Xeon processor instead of a eight thread model. No idea what I was thinking. A silly mistake.

The name of the next MacOS was a bit of a surprise. The joke was there, but the information that I received must have been a decoy. That sucks but hey… what can I say. High Sierra it is.

No word about the Mac Pro and Mac mini. This may be bad news, or they may be released later. Or perhaps next year.