Mac serial number end repository…

Apple has a database with all serial numbers and they use the last four bytes of the serial number to link to/open a support page. I have shared this kind of data in the past (*) but it was a pain to keep up with updates. I don’t have time for this, and thus I decided to push the data to a MacSerials repository on Github. Much easier to maintain this way.

The first update, with new data for the 5th generation iPad, is also available.


Have fun with it 😉

5 thoughts on “Mac serial number end repository…

  1. Hey, why can you not help with the DXXX Models, just curious to see you say that.

    I was wondering why Apple has a field for Name and CPU Name is only thing there??? Is there a way to narrow the models down further based on the model identifier, or is there a way to decode it at all? I would ideally like to look at a 4 character model ID from a serial number and be able to match it up to it’s exact model. The issue as I am sure you are aware, is that there are multiple CPU types.

    Based on what I can tell the last character would be the differentiation, but I cannot confirm that so far from studying what I have pulled from apple, your git, and other sources.

    There has to be a way to narrow it down because Apple and others have serial number lookups. WHATS THE VARIABLE HERE!

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