New Apple Hardware…

The Apple store is down for maintenance. Something we’ve all been waiting for this. For too long already. Will this be another big disappointment or not?

Yeah yeah. I hear you. New iPad Pro’s. New AppleTV. Cool. I want them, but what I am waiting for, for like two years already, is a new Mac Pro and Mac mini. Well well. What a surprise. Thanks Apple.

8 thoughts on “New Apple Hardware…

  1. Well. In 2013 and 2014, Apple didn’t hold a Special Event in March, which is just like this year.
    And in 2013, we had great OS X Mavericks (for a better battery life and gorgeous performance improvements, etc.) and also Mac Pro late 2013.
    In 2014, we were meeting Swift, 5K iMac, and something else fantastic.
    So in 2017… Just looking forward to Apple’s great changes which change the world again!

  2. What a disappointment again! Cant believe what’s going on in Apple! So much thriller for an addition of a color and a thicker iPad? Computers Tim! Computers! We need new Macs with updated TECHNOLOGY! Is he going to leave the company some day soon? I think Apple needs a fresh mind!

  3. I don’t think they’d hold off a Mac Pro for a keyboard haha, but who knows, Apple makes some strange decisions, I think they are either waiting on Skylake-X Xeon monster or … heaven forbid changing to Ryzen???

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