Breaking news…

Tim Cook said that Apple is still committed to the Mac and specifically mentioned the desktop aka iMac. What does this mean for us? Well. I am sitting on a flight right now in the USA – with a couple of other people – and am listening to two people, talking about a new Apple keyboard… with an on-off switch.

Let’s see if this in flight Internet thing works… Ok. Cool. It actualy works.

Edit: the next iPad and iPhone is said to come with some form of wireless charging, and the iMac stand should support that, and work as a two way charger; burst mode for iPhone and iPad, and a slower (normal?) mode for the new keyboard and magic trackpad. They also talked about pairing the TouchID (read our fingerprint) with your Apple ID, so that you can use it anywhere in the world on all supported Mac’s. Though Apple is said to still investigate the legal and privacy implications of it.

Hardware support for TouchID is backed in on the motherboard, just like the new Macbook Pro, and the new keyboards will not work with current Mac models. It can also only power on/off the Mac that it is paired with.

The two people do not believe that the current Mac Pro will be sold in 2017; a new power desktop should replace it, or “the memo to employees” should stop Apple from exploring this path.

Apple is also working on a “Hub” to interact with smart devices in our homes, and it should also work as backup facility and WiFi access point.

It is four people (two are obvious developers) with Apple badges in one and the same plane. Sounds great, but let’s just see if anything actually ends up in our hands 😉


What are they chances that you ever get to meet Apple engineers in an airplane, or anywhere else for that matter, and then they also talk openly about unreleased products. Zero you say. And you are right!

So Pike are you saying that it never happened? Correct! I hereby retract my blog post. I’ll keep it up, but with this note:

We since learned that the people in this airplane were ex-Apple employees. People who started their own company, so that they could design and produce products for Apple customers. They have nothing to do with Apple.

Ok. There you have it. This is the note that I have to post here. Go figure!

3 thoughts on “Breaking news…

  1. Pike,

    I have an experience when a high executive says the company is committed to something, the very next thing they do is go and scrap it.

    I remember how Nokia’s fresh CEO told the world one February that Nokia was committed to Meego, and the very next thing was laying off the whole Maemo/Meego team.

    A few months ago there were costs cuts announced at the company I worked for. First, our management gathered us for “all hands”, told about this, and that this meant firing a few contractors in the U. S. The manager reiterated that this won’t touch our team, and that “we may feel safe”. After two weeks, there was another all hands, and you know what? More than half of those who “might feel safe” were sacked! Tada! I was one of those poor sods. The rest were reassured that “they may feel safe”. Again. Most of them were wiser by then, nodded and went to find another job.

    There was also this thing about the automation department at Apple, when Federighi told how they are committed to “the great automation tools”, well, right after sacking the department for just that.

    I don’t know anything about your relationship with Apple the company, and your loyalty to them, but my gut instinct is that whenever an executive asks everyone to “stay calm” and “reassures” that the “situation is under control”, the best thing to do is to jump ship. And it always worked in the case of companies and countries alike.

    I just wish for one thing: if Apple really plans to abandon macOS, or to make it a black sheep in their herd, that they either license it to ISVs or (better) open source the whole thing, as a while ago you have written.

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