A Nice Evening Out In Amsterdam…

Some of you know that I work as a researcher in Amsterdam, and yesterday evening we had a birthday party for someone I work with. We went to Amsterdam Central with a group of people and we had a great evening. We returned late to Station Holendrecht, to find out that someone was shot – minutes earlier – sort of in front of the Academic Medical Center (AMC). We were stopped by Police. We could see paramedics trying to help someone laying on the pavement there, but his wounds were so severe that a 24 year old person died there.
We did not take any pictures. We don’t do that out of respect for the person who died there. I just copied one from a Dutch news site. To illustrate this tragic incident.

So Pike. What has this got to do with a hackintosh? Nothing. Nothing at all. It’s just that I am still sort of in shock. I mean. It’s not the first time that something like this happened, and it is no fun if you have to think about your own safety, and that of others, when you want to go out (in Amsterdam).

I am also starting to wonder if I should stay home (more often) with my wife and children. Money isn’t everything you know. And now that companies like Apple pays out bounties for hacking… I could do something else for a living. The problem is that I am no quitter so I cannot quit. Not now. Not for this reason. But when something starts itching…