Hacking the New MacBook Pro with Touch ID

There is only one reason for me to get a new MacBook Pro with Touch ID, and that is to hack the crack out of it. I tell you this. This new Touch ID feature is most likely far from secure. Your fingerprint on it will be there waiting for criminals to use it. All they need is your shiny new MacBook Pro, after that not only your MacBook Pro will be gone, but your money as well.

Next to that. Apple decrypts the payment data, to re-sign it and send it to your bank, so they can basically read it, if they want it. All it takes is one criminal…

In short. I am not going to use Apple Pay. Thanks but no thanks!

Note: The new MacBook Pro is a really beautiful piece of hardware, but I am not going to use a notebook, not for as long as my iPad Pro does what I need.


8 thoughts on “Hacking the New MacBook Pro with Touch ID

    • Thanks. Yeah I know, but Apple will probably say: We have a court order so…. I personally don’t 100% trust a company that has access to so much of our data. Not even Apple.

  1. You’re sure it would be that easy? I’d not say it’s impossible to hack, but it seems like the T1 ship dealing with TouchID (and supposedly with the iSight) basically is a small extremely restricted iOS device. I never heard of software-compromising TouchID on the iPhone so I suppose it wouldn’t happen anytime soon on the now MacBook Pros either.

    @cyberdocsite: It does not seem new to me. Apple officially admits that it’s passing any data they could to officials (like iCloud data, some metadata and connection protocols etc.). However they do not give any remote device access or unlock capabilities as they did not and are not willing to implement such backdoors.

    Greetings from Germany,

      • Any luck yet? iOS gets updates, too, and this is probably “just” some kind of embedded iOS so I don’t really see why macOS updates would be any worse.


  2. Lol. This is a sad article. You must be completely naive to digital payments and how much more secure they are compared to physical payment.

    • Not at all. I am one of a fine group of people who dedicate their time to locate security issues, and we report them, so that your digital life, like your digital payments, eventually become less insecure. Thanks anyway, you anonymous coward 🙂

      Fact: There is not a single “digital payment” that is more secure than “physical payments”.

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