9 thoughts on “ssdtPRGen.sh v20.6 released

  1. Pike, in your opinion, with x99 platform and Xeon V4 Cpu is useful yet to have a correct SSDT?
    I am asking because it seems that motherboard bios has more influence whit this kind of platform/CPU

    Thank you for your effort and research

  2. Hello Pikeralpha, I got a question for you regarding turbo boost, power management and bd prochot. I have an Asus laptop with an i7 3630qm. For some reason the cpu is sending prochot signals just a little over 70°C. I made some tests, the result is that the cpu immediately starts throttling to 1.2ghz when it should stay with ease at 3.2Ghz and arrive to 3.4Ghz unless temperature goes over 95°C. My bios is updated with the microcode patch 19 (ubu tools) and I also tried the 1C.
    In windows if I disable prochot with throttlestop and run cinebench or geekbench the temperature at certain points goes up to 91°C but that’s always under 95°C, the multiplier is constantly at 30/33 … if I enable prochot again it will immediately throttle to 1.2°C and the temperature will go doen to 70°C circa. I don’t know what is going on with this cpu however I tried to disable prochot on osx with the help of a coder that made an utility that disables both turbo boost and prochot, he crafted one specifically that only disables prochot.
    When I try it I can see in the 1FC register that indeed the value is changed from 14005f to 14005e so it’s disabled while 1A0 remains untouched this means the TB is still enabled.
    However regardless of that the multiplier now doesn’t go over x24 so the turbo boost is not working albeit being enabled when prochot is disabled.
    Could it be OSX is somewhere checking if prochot is enabled or not and automatically disabling the turbo boost somehow without touching the 1A0 register?
    What do you think?
    This is the project on github for TB / PH disable: https://github.com/bernardowilson/NoBatteryNoProblem.kext

  3. With x99 (Asus in my case) and xeon V4 I have no difference at all using it or not. I use your AppleIntelInfo.kext to check. Maybe am I missing something?

    Edit: In my case your kernel findings produce great results. A SSDT seems not to be essential.

  4. Hi Pike Im trying to create new SSDT but I am always getting this error;

    gDataPath: /Users/muratozgul/Library/ssdtPRGen/Data
    System information: Mac OS X 10.12 (16A323)
    Brandstring ‘Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz’

    Error: Unknown processor model …
    Visit http://ark.intel.com to gather the required data:
    Processor Number
    Low Frequency Mode (use AppleIntelInfo.kext)
    Base Frequency
    Max Turbo Frequency
    Aborting …

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