Kaby Lake Leaks…

Do you remember this article that speculated about the i7-7700K because of this leaked image. Well. I have reasons to believe that this wasn’t the 95 Watt Intel i7-7700K but the 65 Watt Intel i7-7700. This means that the top of the S-Line processor will actually be even faster (updated).

Fake Geekbench results

You may also have seen some Geekbench results of the ‘i5-7500‘ and the ‘i5-7600K‘.

Wrong brandstring

It is my believe that both of them are fake. The reason for this is that with the current/first series that were given out to motherboard manufacturers, the brand string does not report the actual data (shows CPU 0000). Only later series do, but with the addition of “Engineering Sample” (ES).

Wrong Stepping Number

Also note the: “Stepping 9” for a brand new processor. Now read what Intel has to say about it:

The first version of a new microprocessor product is the A-0 core step. As we make functional fixes or manufacturing improvements, the core stepping letter and/or number is incremented. Minor changes result in an increased number (for example, A-3 to A-4), while more complex changes result in the letter being changed (for example, A-3 to B-0). B-0 core stepping is more recent than an A-4 core stepping.

Do you really think that Intel, I mean this early, is already giving out a processors with:

1.) the correct brandstring?
2.) without engineering sample (ES) in the brandstring?
3.) stepping 9?

I guess not…

Update: I can now confirm that the “stepping 9” is also being used on the Intel i7-7700K so the Geekbench results appear to be legitimate after all.

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