Lucky me. I had an iPhone 7 Plus for like ten minutes…

I was lucky to get my hands on the new iPhone 7 Plus en negro mate. Got in the car and opened the box. Put the sim card in it and turned it on. Homescreen. Wow. This is cool. Let’s go home quick and show my new iPhone to my wife. But then… STUPID STUPID stupid me!!! I had the windows open and put it on my dashboard so in the first corner… so long iPhone. It’s gone! 1089 euro lost in seven minutes or so. I am so pissed off that I am going to take a day or two off.

I will try to get a new one on Monday in Amsterdam… pffft.

Edit: Wait what? It’s back. It’s not even damaged. It dropped right inside a convertible on the road below me – no wonder I was unable to locate it. How did that happen? No idea but I can get it back in little over an hour. Freaking awesome!

11 thoughts on “Lucky me. I had an iPhone 7 Plus for like ten minutes…

    • Yup. Well. Ok. It wasn’t exactly the first corner, but the first tight corner after the full stop traffic jam where the phone took a dive out of the car – I rushed out of the line to escape the mess.

    • The guy was a woman. She didn’t realise it that something fell into her Audi. Not until we started calling my iPhone. I also have a new phone now, due to the buzzing sound under load. Lucky me.

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