Geekbench 4 is out…

Sorry for being a bit late into the game, due to my holiday, but you should know that one of my favourite benchmarking tools is Geekbench from Primate Labs Inc. and I have been using Geekbench 2 and Geekbench 3 for quite a long time already, but now Geekbench 4 is out….

The first thing you’ll notice after firing it up is that the GUI is completely overhauled. It’s refreshingly more Apple like now, and this is how it looks:
Yeah I know. It’s much better looking, and the developer in me is impressed by the quality that the good folks at Primate Labs Inc. have delivered. I know how hard it is to come up with something that is strikingly beautiful. A huge step forward. Bravo!

More good news. A newly added Compute Benchmark gives us the opportunity to measure the performance of our (I)GPU. From one and the same app. And I am particular fond of it because of the Compute results browser. This gives me quick access to other results so that I can compare other results with mine. In the same kind of fashion that we are used to for our CPU benchmark results. Here is how it looks when you select it, before you run the Compute Benchmark:

Next up. Device information. This can be handy at times, but it would be even better when it allowed me to select the text and copy it. Or save it to a file. I don’t know why this feature is missing, but I think that it will be missed by a lot of people. One other thing that I don’t understand is the lack of information about the IGPU. Not even the amount of memory is shown on this screen:
Maybe a good addition (RFE) for a next update. For me it certainly is, and sure. It’s not easy to get everything right the minute you launch a new app or a great update like Geekbench 4. I know that all to well myself. Still. A man can dream can’t he.

Note: The minimum requirement to run Geekbench 4 on your Mac is 10.11 (El Capitan) and I have used it on macOS Sierra Build 16A313a greater. From now on my prime benchmark tool. Like before 😉

Head over to to get your copy of Geekbench 4.

8 thoughts on “Geekbench 4 is out…

  1. Hi Pike,
    in my case this release seems to not stress very well my xeon V4
    Also, in trial version cuda is not available and OpenCL test fails at start after 2 seconds (histogram equalisation test) without any error
    I have a Gtx Titan X (maxwell)

      • Nvidia driver is the last available and it has a good performance at all.
        25% worst of relative windows 10 version in cinebench openGL (GB uses openCL)
        In software with cud support OSX version is 15% worst of Windows version..
        In my hack rigs I always have had worst performance with those numbers

  2. Can you select Metal as Compute API I have inspected the binary and references Metal.framework so might have Metal support.. also in Linux at least you can pass as argument something like –compute OpenCL or CUDA if I remember correct.. so may be that way you can force Metal benchmark.. might be interesting as Kishonti Compubench Metal for OSX is marked as coming soon for almost a year..

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